6 myths and truths about CBD

The CBD is on everyone’s lips. And like any fashionable subject, the information comes from various sources, some reliable and some not so reliable. If you do a quick search on the internet you won’t be short of articles and blogs explaining the wonders and misfortunes of what the CBD can do for you.

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid from the hemp plant, cannabis. It contains up to more than 100 cannabinoids with different properties and functions within the plant and in our body. If you have reached this article you may know that THC and CBD are the two most studied cannabinoids for their therapeutic properties. And, while THC has psychoactive effects, CBD is free of these symptoms that not everyone is looking for when taking a drug.

In this article we are going to gather 6 CBD myths contrasted with 6 truths based on purely scientific sources, so that you can reliably learn more about cannabidiol as an effective remedy.

Myth: There are no scientific studies to support the therapeutic properties of CBD

Truth: Science is exploring the full potential of CBD and there are already drugs with CBD as an active ingredient.

Many articles and content that you can find on the internet (most of which are outdated) are skeptical of any benefit from cannabidiol CBD claiming that there is not yet enough data to determine whether cannabidiol has a significantly greater and better effect than the placebo.

Although it is true that many of the hypotheses about the therapeutic value for specific ailments still lack sufficient data to affirm them, there is actually scientific evidence to affirm that CBD has medicinal effects in our organism. For example, CBD helps epilepsy patients manage many of their symptoms, and there is an FDA-approved drug that contains only CBD oil and helps treat some symptoms of epilepsy (Epidiolex®).

Myth: CBD is illegal because cannabis is illegal

Truth: CBD is a legal substance in most countries.

For several decades we have known that the psychoactive effect of marijuana (and cannabis) is due to cannabinoid THC and not to the rest. This is why there is a regulation regarding the THC tolerance of the cannabis products that are marketed. At the moment, there is no specific regulation for oral CBD supplements in Spain but it is completely legal to buy and sell hemp oils and herbs whose THC content does not exceed 0.2% and which are sold as topical or aromatic products. In some countries the CBD is regulated as a dietary supplement (in most also subject to certain THC tolerances). If you go to travel with CBD check that the destination country has no legal restrictions.

illegal cbd

3. Myth: CBD is CBD - All CBD oils are the same

Truth: Like any substance, CBD oils have different qualities

Each CBD oil varies in its composition, method of extraction, concentration and quality of the raw materials with which it has been produced. There are pure CBD oils which contain only CBD. However, at Higea CBD we believe in the effect of the terpenes contained in the cannabis plant. This is why all our oils are full spectrum. By means of an innovative method of CBD extraction, we manage to eliminate only the THC. In this way most of the plant’s cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes such as geraniol, guaiol ocimene or camphene are preserved. This way our oil is more natural and richer in nuances. Finally, each producer chooses different raw materials with which to produce his oil. In Higea CBD we are proud to be able to show off in our CBD bottles the organic seal of the European Union. All the raw materials and processes with which we produce our CBD oils are environmentally friendly according to European regulations.

4. Myth: The more CBD, the better

Truth: CBD has a maximum effective dose

In experiments, isolated cannabidiol (pure CBD) generally shows in clinical results a maximum effective dose, where low and high doses are ineffective.

Products with higher levels of CBD can be even less beneficial than full-spectrum oils that contain less CBD but more terpenes and other cannabinoids.

How you consume CBD (by which route you introduce cannabinoid into your body) directly affects the biodisposition of CBD. For example, if you only ingest CBD oil capsules, most of the CBD molecules will pass through your digestive system without making it into the bloodstream (or in a very small way). To increase the bioavailability of CBD by oral route it is recommended to use concentrator oils in drops or sublingual tinctures. While we keep the oil under the tongue much of it is absorbed thanks to the thin sublingual membrane that is filled with small blood vessels.

Clinical trials have shown that very high doses, above 1,000 mg per day, lead to increased side effects and, in most cases, the solution to these side effects is precisely to reduce the dose of CBD.

While science is not clear about the optimal dose for each therapy, you can slowly try out what dose you feel best with. After all, CBD is not a harmful substance and the worst that can happen to you is immediately remedied by reducing the dosage.

immediate effect CBD

5. Myth: CBD has an immediate effect

Truth: CBD is a treatment that will gradually help your body to function properly

You may have tried marijuana, alcohol, caffeine, or other drugs that give you an almost instant high. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have such a loud impact on your brain. Although there are people who claim to have experienced an instant improvement in their symptoms, most of us need a treatment of a few weeks during which we can write down our symptoms. This will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of CBD for our therapy. One of the symptoms that CBD is able to relieve almost immediately is nervousness. This is why many people who try it agree that a dose of CBD helps them sleep and calm down.

medicinal cbd

6. Myth: CBD is the only medical thing in cannabis

Truth: Medical marijuana contains all cannabinoids and terpenes.

Given that major advances in science have occurred in the last few decades during which marijuana has been criminalized, it has not been possible to invest sufficient capital and time in researching the full spectrum of substances residing in the hemp plant. We know that marijuana has been used civilization after civilization for its medicinal effects and that when used to its fullest extent these are enhanced by relieving pain and other symptoms more effectively.

full spectrum oil

The Full Spectrum oil achieves the effect

As new discoveries are made and we know more about each cannabinoid, there is more evidence that there is an effect entourage in cannabis and a balance by which we can benefit without specific harmful consequences from each cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid of this wonderful natural plant.

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