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Our CBD 5% full spectrum oil is a natural product made with cannabidiol extract, obtained from cannabis sativa. Each bottle contains 200 drops that will last for 2 full months for most people.

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What each bottle of CBD oil contains 5%

Each bottle of Higea CBD 5% gives you 500 mg. of CBD Full Spectrum (full spectrum), from 100% natural and GMO certified organic growing hemp. McT carrier oil (chain of triglycerides from coconut) provides the latest beneficial elements and we also maintain terpenes to ensure the entourage effect and thus enhance its functions.

Thanks to our strict quality controls, our 5% Higea CBD bottles always contain a percentage of less than 0.2% THC. Your mind and body will only receive the benefits of CBD. For topical use.

Why choose CBD 500 oil?

  • Totally natural product.
  • Control the dose based on your weight and need.
  • With only 3/4 drops in topical use you will notice its effects

How to use

Shake before use. External use.

HigeaCBD CBD oil can be easily dosed thanks to the built-in dropper. Below you can see the table with the recommended dose. Higea CBD CBD oil does not cause any psychoactive effects and has no side effects, so you can use it at any time of the day.

Dosage of Higea CBD oil at 5% – 500 mg

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Higea CBD 500 Oil

The use of various substances obtained from the marijuana plant,in sport is increasing as is the case of CBD (cannabidiol), as it has become an ally of many athletes thanks to its effectiveness.

High-level athletes overload their tendons, muscles and joints under pressure from constant exertion. Intense physical activity can lead to a wide variety of mild injuries that result in inflammation and pain. This can result in a reduction in performance accompanied by signs of a lot of fatigue.

The usual way to recover from an athlete is to fulfill 8 hours of sleep and through a balanced diet according to the requirements of the physical activity that he performs as part of his routine workouts.

However, with the use of natural products, the recovery process is faster and athletes can improve their performance and athletic performance in an accelerated manner.

CBD Oil for Athletes

CBD is in vogue. As different countries around the world have been legalizing this substance, CBD has gained popularity due to its controversial and media nature. The truth is that it has aroused a great interest in consumers and it is estimated that the CBD-related industry will continue to grow at exorbitant rates.

If you play a sport that demands a high performance or has caused you an injury that prevents you from rejoining your workouts,this article is of interest to you since we will analyze how to make the most of the benefits of CBD.

It’s possible that this is the first time you’ve read the acronym CBD What exactly is CBD? How many types of marijuana are there?

muscle relaxer for athletes

What is CBD and what is CBD for?

CBD (Cannabidiol C21H30O2) is one of the many cannabinoids that cannabis plants contain. Another cannabinoid present in this type of plant is THC which is probably the most mentioned in the circles of those who use marijuana recreationally. While THC is the cannabinoid that handles the psychoactive effects that affect the central nervous system, CBD is not psychoactive.

Unlike THC, WHO has said that CBD is not a harmful or addictive cannabinoid so the scientific community is increasingly interested in studying its properties and how to use them.

Its therapeutic use is very extensive. There is a multitude of active research on its benefits. In 2005, Sativex was approved for the use of a CBD-based drug that relieves the pain caused by multiple sclerosis. Much remains to be done, but all recent scientific studies suggest that CBD can be beneficial and will continue to give much to talk about in scientific circles.

cbd athletes

What effects does CBD have on the body?

Since very ancestral times, humans have used substances obtained from marijuana to exercise and obtain better results.

It is from the twentieth century and with more force in the 21st century that emphasis is placed on researching and knowing the properties of this plant, in addition to its compounds and benefits.

CBD 5% oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that allow to achieve a decrease in the pains that athletes experience after intense training, also helps to reduce cramps or spasms that occur in the muscles due to dehydration.

In addition to being a good muscle relaxant for athletes,cannabidiol is appetite-stimulating. This makes them able to ingest the amount of calories they need to respond to the demands of training especially in cases where athletes feel satisfied with a smaller serving of food than they should take.

As published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology’s CBD study,it could also help you fall asleep and study whether you could prevent insomnia. In this way, the athlete could achieve a complete rest and better muscle recovery.

Good recovery is critical for high-performing athletes who need to recover without it in order to face a new day of hard training.

CBD for Athletes

In early 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances. This means that we are faced with a substance that could have potential in sport, without being a harmful drug. Not only is it increasingly popular in elite sports that demand maximum performance, but it is also within safe reach of amateurs who have tried it and describe its benefits after their training routines.

Factors influencing sports performance

To achieve the best performance in any sporting discipline, it is important to take into account each of the factors that influence. The physical condition of the athlete, is not enough to guarantee the best performance.

The combination of different factors can positively or negatively affect athletic performance. Therefore, it is important to take into account each of them. Let’s see what they are:

cbd athletes

Genetic inheritance

A person’s genetics conditions to a high degree the ability and performance of an athlete.

The physical condition is very closely related to genes, as they determine height, bone mass, cardiovascular system conditions and the ability to develop muscle mass among other physiological and anatomical characteristics.

A person’s natural physical condition predetermines that some athletes show better performance than others when they undergo the same training routine.

marijuana in sport

Medical control

Athletes must be subjected to constant medical supervision in order to assess how physical conditions improve, as well as detect any factors that could cause certain injuries due to the high demand for training.

This is where the need to consider the use of nutritious supplements and other topical components such as CBD that help the athlete maintain the best physical condition comes in.

hemp protein nutritional value

Healthy habits

A well-structured daily routine with rest, feeding and training schedules help improve performance. In addition, an athlete should not use tobacco, alcohol or other substances.

muscle recovery cream

Emotional intelligence

Athletes should be trained to manage stress and emotions. The emotional stability of the athlete is indispensable to be able to face the training days and the pressure associated with the competitions.

post-exercise recovery supplements


The selection of a balanced and adequate diet, depending on the type of sports discipline that is practiced, is key for the body of an athlete to achieve a high performance and develop its full potential.

factors influencing sports performance


Of course, well-designed training is critical to achieving the best athletic performance.

Athletes should combine routines aimed at working speed, strength, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance.


Sports recovery

recover from overtraining

How does CBD work in our bodies?

The brain and nervous system of mammals possesses a group of cannabinoid receptors that are involved in many of our physiological processes. This is called the SEC Endocannabinoid System and influences things as vital as our appetite, mood, sleep or feeling of pain. CBD acts in our system by activating endocannabinoid receptors,reinforcing and mimicking something the body already does naturally on its own.

As noted above, there are scientific studies that study whether CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help alleviate chronic pains from injuries, muscle overload and sharpness. Although not specifically, many of its users claim that it does help you overcome the hole faster.

Finally, in the face of any sports practice, it is essential to calm the anxiety and relax the nervous system. This property is one of the favorites by many elite athletes who require full performance of their body and mind before a competition.

cbd 500

Effects of CBD oil 5% on athletic performance

Proper doses of topical CBD could be of great help in athletes to mitigate mild pains, reduce inflammation and the feeling of weakness and tiredness experienced by athletes as a result of workouts.

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors,making it possible for it to act in different ways simultaneously.

How do athletes use CBD?

The most popular form of CBD consumption is to supply it in sublingual oil drops or capsules containing the oil and should be ingested. Higea CBD oil is for topical use only. Some users claim to notice the effects of CBD oil within 30 seconds of taking it.

Another way to benefit from the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Cannabidiol in case of chronic muscle ailments is by massaging the skin of affected areas with oil or high concentration creams of CBD. The massage will make the oil or cream penetrate, relieving the symptoms and relaxing the area.

pain relief cbd

Pain relief

CBD has analgesic properties that can relieve chronic pain and mild pain that occur after an intense workout.

cbd anti-inflammatory


Inflammations have different causes: a blow, an injury, an infection… When a part of the body is inflamed, pain is experienced.

Using CBD is ideal for treating inflammation. It is preferable this system to use continuously drugs that can cause damage to different organs.

nausea cbd

Nausea control

After intense training, some athletes may experience nausea and other discomfort.

A small dose of CBD, is able to eliminate nausea and vomiting effectively.

cbd antispasmodic


The interaction of CBD with endocannabinoid receptors results in muscle relaxation, which facilitates physical activity.

Athletes have noticed that spasms are significantly reduced when they consume CBD, allowing them to perform their training and competition activities with high performance without sudden interruptions.

cbd analgesic

Rapid recovery

Thanks to its analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD facilitates the strengthening of muscles and their regeneration.

With this, athletes recover very quickly, allowing them to improve their performance steadily.

relaxing properties cbd

Relaxing properties

Stress and anxiety caused by intense training and competition are emotional states that can compromise an athlete’s performance.

Consuming small doses of CBD helps athletes maintain a relaxed and calm state, allowing them to focus on physical activity more naturally.

In addition, this quality of CBD also makes it easier for athletes to fall asleep more easily and achieve a full rest.

Aspects that influence the effects and absorption of CBD in the body

Each body is unique and has its own characteristics. Depending on the physiological variables of each person, CBD will have a greater or lesser effect depending on the dose administered. Let’s see what some of the factors are that can influence:

The dosage

The dose of CBD that is consumed determines how this active substance will take effect.

A very high dose will have a longer lasting effect for the time it takes for the metabolism to process it and then eliminate it.

Accurate information is not yet available because not enough scientific studies have been conducted to determine which doses are appropriate according to the type of treatment.

For this reason, it is best to determine the precise dosage for each person is to start with a small amount, observe the effects and make adjustments gradually increasing until the desired effects are achieved.

Some people get good results with very small doses and don’t need to make adjustments. Others, on the other hand, will need to increase the amount.

dose of cbd

Body composition

Each person has different proportion of adipose tissue and muscle. Generally, those with a high body fat index tend to remove substances from the body more quickly.

For this reason, they often need higher doses than people with low body fat to achieve the same results.


Body weight also influences the effectiveness of a given dose of CBD. For example, a person weighing 85 kg needs a higher dose of cannabidiol than a person weighing 55 kg for the same therapeutic effect.

For which sports is CBD use most suitable?

There are no particular sports that can gain more or less advantages of cannabidiol, in general its properties can be used to improve performance and muscle recovery in virtually any intense and non-intense physical activity. Next, let’s summarize the most popular reasons why CBD is a good complement to every sport.

cycling muscle recovery

For Cyclists and Running

If you are a cyclist and are looking for forms of active muscle recovery you can supplement the use of cycling stockings with CBD drops to enhance both effects. To soothe and relax your legs you can also apply an oil with high concentration of cannabidiol in the affected area. If you also accompany this treatment with the consumption of foods that help muscle recovery you will get a perfect cocktail to recover from overtraining.

cbd drops

CBD for Fitness and Crossfit

In addition to relaxing the muscles after training, one of the favourite properties of athletes who practice intensive fitness or Crossfit is sleep regulation. When we sleep we release hormones that help our muscles regenerate and grow so if you practice one of these two sports it is optimal that you control your sleep and rest at least 8 hours a day. On the other hand, your rested body will perform much better in the next training session.

how to remove shoelaces fast

CBD for Triathlon and Ironman

As we have already mentioned Cannabidiol is not considered doping in sports as its effects focus on the recovery and relief of muscle aches that can appear by overtraining. For this reason you will be able to use it without problem before your Triathlon and Ironman competitions and during the months of training without being penalized.

CBD should be consumed following


CBD consumption

cbd full spectrum

How to administer the CBD

CBD can be applied to the skin. Our CBD oil is for topical use only.

When CBD is topical in application, such as muscle recovery cream, CBD oil and balms or lotions, the absorption process is gradual.

How should CBD Oil be taken 5%?

Each person needs a specific dose depending on their body weight. However, an average athlete takes three to four drops with a maximum of three times a day.

Because CBD does not produce psychoactive effects like THC and, considering its 5% CBD oil side effects, are very mild due to the low concentration of the active, it can be taken at any time.

Talk to a sports professional about the recommended dose for you and how to administer it.

As it is a natural product, we recommend storing it in a cool place protected from light such as in the fridge.

How long does it take to effect CBD?

The time it takes to absorb CBD can vary from person to person because it depends on each person’s metabolism, body weight and how it is consumed.

In the case of 5% CBD Oil, it takes about 30 minutes to begin to notice its effects as it takes time to reach the receptors.

cbd full spectrum

How long does the cbd effect last?

When CBD oil is used externally, the half-life of CBD in the body is two to three hours. Time depends on the speed of each person’s metabolism.

At this point doyou need CBD oil 5%? In that case, in our store we have this product to make your day to day much more bearable.

If in doubt, contact us and we will give you personalized advice.

thc and sport


Is CBD consumption legal in Spain?

Cannabidiol is legal in Spain as it is not included in the narcotics lists. On the contrary, THC is a narcotic, comes from the same plant and is illegal. So the only way to consume CBD legally is to buy it synthesized, completely isolated from other hemp cannabinoids.

Can I smoke or inhale?

In some countries where it is legal to consume hemp with limitations in its THC content, it is legal to smoke it. In Spain this has not yet arrived. In any case when smoking a substance you inhale by-products that are harmful to your health.

Is CBD addictive?

Absolutely not. Unlike opiates that are also used for analgesic purposes you won’t need to increase the dose of CBD to benefit from its effects

If I use CBD will I feel high?

No. Cannabidiol has no psychoactive effect. It is recommended not to drive under its effects as it is extremely relaxing and sleep-inducing but not because it inhibits any of your cognitive abilities.

How much CBD should I take?

There are several factors that affect the absorption of the active substance, so it depends on how you supply it will need different concentration to notice its effects. If you use drops of CBD oil look closely at the concentration. The standard dose for an adult with mild pains is about 22 mg daily. In any case, you can slowly test until you get the desired effect. If you have further questions we recommend that you consult your doctor or therapist.

What is the best muscle recoverer?

Active muscle recovery is essential for every athlete. While CBD is definitely a great muscle recoverer we recommend that you supplement your intake with a healthy diet and rest.

We hope you’ve learned a little more about CBD and its use in sports.


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