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Higea CBD is the first range of CBD-enriched oils designed for your well-being. Higea is the goddess of healing and healing and that’s where our name comes from.

CBD oil and premium creams

We have oils at 5%, another concentration at 10% and finally two concentrations at 20% and 30%. Also CBD-enriched creams for skin care and pain management.

Thanks to our quality systems, at Higea CBD we can offer an oil enriched with cannabidiol (CBD) with all the guarantees. We perform the extraction with the super-cryptic CO2 method,in our laboratories in the Netherlands. All the benefits of cannabis,without the psychoactive effects of THC. From certified organic crops. Our deliveries are in 24/72 hours.

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Cbd oil currently cares for patients, scientists and the general public. It has been legalized in countries such as Argentina, the Netherlands, Jamaica and Japan. In these countries, laws have been enacted that allow their commercialization for medicinal purposes. The rise of the compound cannabidiol (CBD), is due to its multiple uses and presentations, as observed the use of medical marijuana in Spain.

However, its detractors expose the contraindications of CBD oil.

To know its veracity, it is necessary to investigate if you are backed by a study endorsed by recognized sources.

In general, side effects may occur from indiscriminate consumption and unverified quality of products. However, CBD oil and its properties are evidenced in scientific studies such as that published in the British Journal of Pharmacology that supports its antiemetic properties or the study published by Splinger that analyzes the role of cannabidiol in chronic pain.

Here’s why
the effects of CBD
have come to this day. The cannabis plant has been cultivated and used for millennia and, every day, grabs headlines related to its properties.


CBD utility

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What is CBD and what is CBD for?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 60 cannabinoid compounds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. In contrast to THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects.

This is one of the species of the cannabaceae family that has been recognized in countries such as the United States for its medicinal and textile properties through the use of its fibers.

Cannabis oil is obtained froma process that begins in the cultivation of hemp seed.

The harvesting and subsequent extraction of CBD is carried out by a super-cryptic CO2 process. This must be optimal for quality guaranteed products.

It should be noted that CBD has multiple uses: in cosmetics or for skin care among others.

Cosmetics: Oil from the hemp plant has been used since remote times for skin care. Thanks to omega 3 and 6 oil it is antioxidant and regulates sebaceous function.

To skin preparations, CBD is also incorporated as a therapeutic component due to its effective inflammatory and analgesic properties in its topical use.

Therapeutics: The therapeutic use of CBD used in different countries such as the United States, is oriented to its effect on the endocanabinoid system of the human brain.


what cbd serves
oil cbd properties

This system works to maintain balance in physiological processes related to the digestive and cardiovascular system, among others.

Among the effects of CBD are many advantages. It should be noted that it does not provide the cure or healing of diseases.

Scientific studies such as that carried out by Marta Durán at the Catalan Institute of Pharmacology of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital of the Autonomous University of Barcelona has analyzed the therapeutic use of cannabinoids.

What is Medicinal CBD?

In 1988, brain cells were found to have receptors for THC. Then, in 1992, the endocanabinoid system was identified.

What does this mean? Certain receptors in the human brain are activated because cannabinoids, such as CBD oil, mimic the body’s endogenous compounds.

Scientists have discovered how specific receptors such as CB1 found in the Central Nervous System and CB2 are activated in which immune function is involved.

As a result of these excavations, it has been shown that the endogenous cannabinoid system acts in the coordination of body movement and analgesia.

For this reason, cannabis oil, has a prominent range of action.

As a sample, the effectiveness of CBD oil has been proven in studies such as the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (2006).

CBD oils for different treatments


Designed for your well-being

CBD and its benefits

CBD has benefits in different health-affecting situations. However, its healing effect has not been proven.

For example, it has demonstrated its therapeutic action in people with chronic diseases. It mitigates physical symptoms and acts on chronic and acute pain.

A study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, entitled Cannabinoids and Pain: New Insights From Old Molecules (2018),states that the cannabis ban in the mid-20th century stopped research into its benefits.

The study affirms the contribution of this compound in reducing neural inflammation and motivates continuity of analysis to monitor the benefits with respect to the risks it may pose.

marijuana without thc

How does it feel to take CBD?

Research has shown that the consumption of legal cannabis oil or CBD has no psychoactive effects.

Topical cannabidiol has some effects related to relaxation status and alertness. It’s common for you to ask yourself what effects CBD has on the body? To address these doubts, the health authorities made their input on the subject.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018 ruled on CBD and stated that it does not cause addiction or dependence, as well as significant harmful effects.

On the contrary, he pointed out that THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinoldoes have psychotropic effects. WHO highlights side effects such as “dizziness and impaired motor control in cognitive function”.

However, there are authorized medicines containing this compound to treat weight loss in HIV patients who do not cause the above effects, as they say in OECM.


How should CBD be taken?

The effects of CBD oil may be beneficial with respect to different diseases.

Choosing the right dosage depends on different factors. These include:

  • Metabolism
  • Body weight
  • Health status
  • Basic chronic diseases

Remember that to use marijuana without THC. you have to do it topically. One of the key factors in establishing the correct dosage is to evaluate the degree of CBD concentration in oil.

For example, in our store you will find different concentrations ranging from 5% with a lower impact to 30%, one of the oils with the highest concentration of CBD on the market.

How long does it take to effect CBD?

Consuming CBD in oil has its advantages. The absorption of the oil and its effects appear between 15 and 20 minutes after topical administration.

As a result, it increases the bioavailability of CBD and, with this, its effects. In addition, contact with gastric acids as well as liver inactivation is avoided.

The procedure is simple: place the necessary dose and wait a few seconds while absorption occurs.

How long does the cbd effect last?

There are different circumstances that determine how long CBD remains in the body.

First, consideration should be given to the route of administration, the dose administered and how often it is used.

Scientific studies claim that the effect of CBD on oil can last between a maximum of 6 to 8 hours after being administered.

However, the half-life of the product in the body will depend on the frequency of its consumption.

Low doses will not be maintained for long. Similarly, interaction with other drugs and the metabolization of CBD in humans has been investigated.

Scientific studies, where high doses of 700 mg/day CBD were used, showed that levels disappeared after one week after stopping intakes.

What does CBD do?

In short, the properties of marijuana oil have broken the taboo around this millennial plant.

Different cultures have used its use for medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. As a result, they have bequeathed the relevance of their benefits.

The World Health Organization’s reconsideration of cannabidiol as a non-addictive or psychoactive agent has encouraged the development of serious scientific research.

Medical marijuana in Spain has gained relevance in recent years. In several countries, patients recognize its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

The effects of CBD oil maintain the interest of the community of researchers who perform tests in patients where the usual treatments do not work.

CBD has a lot of proven effects

The different presentations of CBD, favor its consumption. However, weed oil should be used according to a safety profile.

CBD marijuana is backed by its range of action and effectiveness.

The common verdict is that much remains to be known about the effects of the compound in this plant.

At present, the debate as well as the use for therapeutic purposes is open.

Finally, consider this series of recommendations, take them into account when choosing CBD oil.


Recommendations for choosing the best CBD oil

Recommendations for choosing the best CBD oil include:

  • Buy CBD in a specialized store: In our store you will find relevant information related to the product and the updated scientific advances.
  • Product safety: Knowing CBD production processes is essential to comply with safety principles. The super-cryptic CO2 extraction method we use in Higea CBD, maintaining plant terpenes to achieve the entourage effect using a Full Spectrum oil or the COAS (laboratory test) that we attach in all our products, are part of the guarantees we offer from Higea CBD.
  • Consult your trusted specialist: If you have questions regarding interaction with other medicines or your health situation consult a specialist to assess the use of this compound.

The rise of CBD products seeks to achieve the well-being of users. To achieve this purpose, the site that deserves the use of medicinal cannabis must be granted.

Enter our online store and ask the questions that are presented to you. Find the information you need here.

Buy CBD oil from Higea CBD to know that you receive safe products at home with high levels of quality guaranteed by specialists, such as those we offer at Higea CBD.

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