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Carrier oils

We explain what CBD carrier oils are

When using any type of oil, it is necessary to know the purity of each oil and, if necessary, how to decrease its potency. When we talk about “Decrease” its potency, we mean to soften its consumption for the body.

In simple words, dilute pure oils, but before touching this point it is necessary to know what carrier oils are and why they are so necessary.


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What are carrier oils?

In simple words, carrier oils are those used to dilute essential (pure) oils.

These oils are extracted from coconut, sunflower, almond, etc. That’s why they’re also called vegetable oils.

Something very interesting about carrier oils is that they are colorless and odorless so you can use them without any problem. They are mimicked with essential oils.

This type of oils can be found in ready-to-use containers and mixed with CBD or CBDA.

What do carrier oils do?

Carrier oils, in addition to diluting essential oils, give it a number of benefits and above all, it allows the essential oil to last twice as long. This is due to its greasy composition.

Essential oils, being pure evaporate easily when in contact with air, but when diluted into carrier oils, this gives them the fat they need both to withstand contact with air and to penetrate more easily into the skin.

Although many believe that they are only used for dilution, this class of oils offer you a number of properties such as vitamins A and E,which give you nutrients for your body.

carrier oils

What kind of carrier oils are there?

As we have announced before, carrier oils are those vegetable oils. Plants are composed not only of terpenes, but also of fatty oils that are extracted for use as carrier oils.

Within these oils there is a wide variety of them. For example:

  • Avocado oil: It is one of the carrier oils used to spread on the skin, especially in dry skin, as they allow a greater absorption of essential oils and at the same time, it can be rubbed for a long time so that the skin can absorb the nutrients of both.
  • Almond oil: This oil gives your body and skin vitamin B, which gives your skin softness and elasticity. Another reason why it is one of the most used is because of its softness when it comes to its application.

Currently there are a lot of oils and depending on the skin, each one may or may not irritate you. Therefore, this almond-carrying oil prevents that irritability that causes essential oils.

Just as there are these two types of carrier oils or also known as vehicles, there are others such as:

  • Coconut oil, which prevents certain diseases even skin infections such as dermatitis. This type of oil is mostly used for soaps or body creams.

What do essential oils produce in CBD oil?


As we have seen, carrier oils are solvents for essential oils and with CBD oil their work is the same, but let’s see in detail that it produces.

We know that CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, but by removing it from it, its strength is too intense to consume pure, so it may be too much for the human body and instead of benefiting us, it can damage us.

This is where carrier agents come into action.

By diluting CBD oil with carrier oils, its concentration strength decreases so it allows the body to more easily absorb the components that give us both CBD oil and carrier oil.

This process is performed in almost all CBD oils sold in pharmacies or stores. To be able to know what type of carrier oil your CBD oil contains, you only need to see the label on the container.

Including carrier oils can also be done at home when you prepare CBD oil on your own and prepare to make CBD oil with MCT oil. In case of processing, you must choose between the different types of carrier oils (vegetables).

As we mentioned, carrier oils give essentials a number of extra benefits such as vitamins, nutrients and omegas for the body.

It is for this reason that when making CBD oil at home, we recommend using olive oil, as it is much softer when consuming it and gives you omega 3.

You should also consider other factors, such as if it’s what you’re needing for your diet, otherwise you can use coconut or avocado.

Another detail to consider are allergies. Most carrier oils don’t cause allergies, but it’s all up to your body, as you might be allergic to coconut or almonds and replace it with olive oil.

We mention olive oil because it is the most natural of all and coming directly from the olive tree so your body can absorb more easily and even, after all the above, we recommend you to find out about the price of each.

Most of these carrier oils can be a little more expensive, as they come directly from the plant and others will be able to adapt to your economy.

cbd carrier oils

Where do you get carrier oils?

As the majority of everyday use, you can find them both in pharmacies and in stores.

In case you have already obtained or have your CBD oil, and want to dilute it for further absorption with a carrier oil, we recommend you see the label of your product to know exactly which carrier oil was used for its production.

Although the use of the same carrier oil is not an obligation, it will have the same nutrients that it already contains, but in the case of wanting to use another one for its dissolution, you can do it without problem.

MCT oil

We are sure that you have heard about MCT oil although, if not, we invite you to read this article where we will tell you what its benefits are in case you want to start its consumption.

We’ll also talk about how to get it and whether it’s really over-the-counter. Come with us that we’ll explain everything.

What is MCT oil?

MCT oil is one of the most beneficial to the body, also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), that comes from coconut oil.

MCT is found within saturated fats, but unlike these, the oil is completely used in the body because, thanks to its components, the body uses it as energy and vitamins.

This way, it doesn’t accumulate it as with unnecessary fats.

MCT oil is one of the most consumed in diets due to its benefits, but it is necessary to mention that, although it is one of the most recommended, it does not work miracles.

Like all treatment, it is necessary to accompany it with exercises and a good diet for its benefits to take effect.

oil mct

Benefits of MCT Oil

One of the first benefits that oil gives you is twice the energy for your body, in addition, MCT oil gives your body the ideal help to avoid, prevent and strengthen the following points:

  1. Prevents neural diseases
  2. Strengthens the immune system
  3. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components
  4. Do not fatten, since once inside the organism it transforms into energy
  5. Control your blood sugar levels to prevent the onset of diabetes.
  6. It helps your body fight bacteria

These are just a few, but among them, you’ll also find that it helps the intestines for better functioning.

Something very interesting to consider, is that our body already produces this type of triglycerides, but since it is not a high amount, its benefit is simply to give your body the energy necessary for its functioning.

How is MCT oil used?

There are different ways to consume MCT oil,depending on how you want to do it, but before that, we recommend starting with a small dose to see how your body may react.

Although MCT is completely natural, your body can cause side effects such as diarrhea.

This is because your body is not used to consuming such a high amount of saturated fat.

To get used to your body, we recommend using MCT in salads or in all those meals that you want to add a little oil, of course in small doses.

Thanks to its neutral taste, you can combine it very well, you can even place it in your drinks.

Many athletes use MCT oil for its amazing components, as it not only keeps them in shape by helping the body eliminate unneeded components, but it also gives them the energy they need to keep going.

make cbd oil with mct oil

CBD-carrying oils


Sustainable oils

mct oil with cbd

Is MCT perfect for weight loss?

Once the oil is ingested and begins to circulate through your body, it becomes ketone.

To give you an idea, ketone is the substance that acts in your body to start providing energy while, at the same time, it starts burning fats.

To make you better understand the process, imagine that you start running, the body will start burning fats and use the energy it will get from the fats that are being removed.
When you don’t get more energy from the fats removed, you’ll start to feel tired. Therefore, you will stop and consume your drink.

That drink you’re consuming has doses of MCT oil, so in just a couple of seconds you’ll start to feel your energies coming back.

This means that MCT oil has become ketone and is giving your body the energy it needs to continue your activity.

This way, you will continue with your exercises, eliminating more fats that your body does not need and, at the same time, you will feel that you do not have the need to eat, since the same oil is giving your body what it needs.

That’s why it’s used in most diets, especially in the diet called Cetogenic.

Does MCT Oil Have Side Effects?

Although MCT oil is one of the most used, it is necessary to be very careful in its consumption, especially if it is not accompanied with the carbohydrates that the body needs.

We know that this oil gives energy and eliminates appetite, but does not give the vitamins that the body also needs to continue its optimal functioning.

Like any treatment, the benefits of MCT oil run out, as the body reaches a point where it has already used all the energy that this oil gave it and returns to its normal state.

Therefore, you will need nutrients that re-grant you the vitamins you lost during the process.

If you’re just starting to eat it, we recommend that you do it slowly so that your body doesn’t immediately remove the vitamins it needs for its functioning.

Hemp seed oil

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Product safety

Knowing CBD production processes is essential to comply with safety principles.

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See your trusted specialist

If you have any doubts about the interaction with other medications or your health situation, ask your doctor to assess the use of this compound.

Where can you get it?

Being a totally natural component, MCT oil is over-the-counter,so you can get it in pharmacies or any store, but we recommend it in liquid format because its effects are much faster.

Another detail to consider when purchasing it is the brand that sells them, there are currently many brands of MCT oil, although some of them are not approved for sale.

Be careful in this regard, will be the key to making a successful purchase.

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