Tantric exercises to improve your sexuality

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Tantra is a complex and ancient practice with a wide range of teachings and techniques. Some of these practices can be used to enhance sexual experiences. Therefore, in this article we will share with you the best tantric exercises to improve your sexuality.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Tantra is not solely focused on sex and should not be seen as such. Rather, it is a spiritual practice that involves a variety of techniques, including meditation, yoga, breathing, etc. All of them can be used to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What are the best tantric exercises to improve your sexuality?

Sexual encounters become more intense and pleasurable as you learn to develop true tantric sex. However, not everyone enjoys their sexual relations in this way.

It is not about having “better” or “worse” sex; rather, it is about having sex that is more conscious and focused on the present moment and sensations.

Here are some tantric exercises to improve your sexuality:

Visual contact

It is very advantageous to understand how tantric sexual exercises can involve eye contact. People can interact on many levels through gaze. This is a phenomenon that occurs in many different types of relationships, including connections at the sexual level.

Keep in mind that the bond between two naked people can deepen as they stare at each other. Therefore, to establish this connection, try to observe your partner and find out what he and you are feeling.

It is a time to be attentive, connect with the here and now and recognize the beauty in your partner. It is also a way to undress emotionally in front of our loved one.

The exploration of the body

Body exploration” is one of the best tantric exercises to improve your sexuality. In this case what you are looking for is to adopt an attitude of paying close attention to your partner’s physique and face.

This tantric exercise also involves listening and feeling with all five senses while admiring the delicacy, subtlety and totality of her body. Focus your senses on your partner’s physical features and characteristics.

By doing all of the above, you will be able to increase the passion between the two of you as you each admire and desire each other.

Change of pace

Humans are used to adapting and becoming familiar with our environment. We “get used to” things somehow, and the same goes for sexual relationships.

Consequently, to continue with a focus on surprising and adoring your partner, it is essential to “break” this obsession. Therefore, this exercise involves altering the rhythms during sexual activity or having a private moment with your loved one.

When you alter the rhythms and intensities, you are more likely to experience more powerful orgasms. In addition, it also allows you to increase the intensity of sexual arousal.

cbd sexuality

Body and mind in the sexual encounter

Tantric sex is totally focused on the now. It is a method to feel connected with what is happening, and with all the emotions that accompany it.

As a result, this tantric exercise will allow you to concentrate on having a more pleasurable intimate experience. To do this you need to let the thoughts simply go.

On the other hand, the sacred present of tantra also implies opening oneself to new experiences. Of course, becoming aware of everything around us, which leads to the desire to connect with others.

This tantra exercise for sex is closely linked to meditation. To put it into practice, start by getting naked in front of each other. Preferably your focus should be on breathing and keeping your eyes closed.

The goal is to gradually synchronize our breathing with that of our partner, and to feel how our breathing together creates one being.

Can CBD improve your sexuality?

Now that you know the best tantric exercises to improve your sexuality, it is worth asking if CBD can also improve your sexual performance. While research on the effects of CBD on sexual function is still in its early stages, some studies suggest that it may have positive effects on sexual health and performance.

Here are some ways CBD can improve your sexuality:

Anxiety and stress reduction

Scientific evidence suggests that CBD has anxiolytic and stress-reducing properties. This means that it can help people relax and feel more comfortable during sexual activity.

Let us not forget that anxiety and stress can interfere with sexual function by decreasing libido and causing erectile dysfunction in men. To
combating anxiety
and stress, CBD can help people feel more relaxed during sexual encounters.

Increased sensitivity and pleasure

CBD may also have potential benefits for enhancing sexual pleasure and sensitivity. Research has revealed that CBD can increase blood flow to the genital area. This is a positive thing for sex as it can enhance sexual arousal and pleasure.

In addition,
Hygea’s 5% CBD oil
can increase sensitivity in the genital area, which can lead to more intense and pleasurable orgasms.

cbd oil sex

Improved libido

CBD may also have potential benefits for increasing libido or sexual desire. Studies indicate that cannabidiol can increase the production of the hormone prolactin.

Prolactin is a hormone associated with sexual desire in both men and women. In addition, CBD can help balance hormones and reduce inflammation, which may also contribute to increased sex drive.

Pain relief

One of the most outstanding health benefits of CBD is its analgesic properties. Therefore, it may be useful for people who experience pain during sexual activity.

Pain during intercourse can be caused by a variety of factors, including inflammation, muscle tension and medical conditions such as endometriosis.

By reducing pain and discomfort, CBD can help people enjoy sex more, and increase their overall sexual satisfaction.

cbd to improve sexuality

Improved sleep

CBD also has potential benefits for improving sleep quality and reducing insomnia. Getting enough sleep is important for sexual health and function. That is, lack of sleep can lead to decreased libido and sexual dysfunction.

Therefore, by improving sleep quality, CBD can help people feel more rested and energetic, which can improve sexual function.

cbd sex


We have shared with you some tantric exercises to improve your sexuality. Remember that tantric sex is related to meditation, sensations, and emotions.

Practicing it will connect you on a deeper level, and allow you to get to know your partner better. Additionally, incorporating CBD to enhance your sexual relations can make your intimate encounters more pleasurable.

Just remember to consult with your doctor before using CBD oil, to minimize side effects.

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