Is CBD oil safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

by | 15 Mar, 2023 | Data

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are very delicate times for the health of mother and baby, so many substances are not compatible with the process. If this is your case and you are not sure about the effects that CBD oil can have on your body, you should know this information.

Effects of CBD on the body of pregnant women

Under normal circumstances, CBD oil would help treat adverse symptoms that women suffer during pregnancy such as dizziness and vomiting.

However, by removing nausea, relaxing us, and decreasing muscle pain, we will also be affecting our brain chemistry in the same way that caffeine does to ‘wake us up’.

Although there are not many studies on the subject, the consumption of CBD products during pregnancy is not recommended. Mainly because these nausea, muscle aches and other symptoms should be monitored by noting their frequency during pregnancy.

In this way, doctors know many aspects of the baby’s and mother’s health. In addition, it is not sufficiently certain whether these substances can pass through the placenta, affecting the natural development of the fetus.

Can I massage my skin with CBD oil or creams during pregnancy?

If we use
CBD oil for a relaxing massage
we run the risk of it getting directly into the bloodstream.

Although more research is needed, a disruption in the processes of autophagy and apoptosis in maternal and fetal cells has been preliminarily discovered.

cbd pregnancy

2. Small doses of THC decrease amyloid beta production

Once the gestation period is over, mothers suffer from sleepless nights, postpartum muscle pain and a lot of stress. However, there are still many substances that can endanger the life of the newborn.

Can CBD be found in breast milk?

Breast milk naturally contains endocannabinoids. However, this does not mean that the added cannabinoids have no effect on the baby’s health.

Preliminary studies in mothers exposed to cannabinoids showed an absorption of almost 3% of the THC present in breast milk. In addition, it can be maintained for up to 3 weeks after exposure.

cbd lactation

Wait for your baby to finish breast-feeding

Breast milk will be your baby’s main source of nutrients and the way you will pass a lot of antibodies to your baby. This breastfeeding should be your baby’s only food for at least 6 months .

After this time, the World Health Organization recommends that safe foods approved by your pediatrician be introduced in conjunction with breastfeeding.

cbd dosage without using it for months

What dosage should I use if I have not used CBD oil for months?

After the breastfeeding period is over, many mothers will want to return to the benefits of CBD oil in their daily lives. Fortunately, the recommended concentration for each body depends on its weight and not on its exposure to the substance.

However, it is a good idea to know
how to take CBD oil correctly
and educate yourself on the concentrations of each product. In this way, we will get the best out of each jar and increase its yield.

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