Cannabis and cryptocurrencies

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Due to legislation in many countries, most cannabis-related companies and businesses continue to face the greatest challenge in using banks for their transactions. In response to this problem, cannabis cryptocurrencies have been developed.

Cryptocurrencies are often helpful for the cannabis market or for people who want to buy marijuana and conduct marijuana transactions legally. However, which is the best cryptocurrency? Who created cryptocurrencies? How to know which cryptocurrency to invest in? We will talk about all of this below.

Cannabis cryptocurrencies: The best digital currencies based on cannabis

If you’re wondering what the best cryptocurrency is today, the answer is Bitcoin. This digital currency is the most popular in the virtual space, and understanding how it works is exciting. However, in terms of cannabis cryptocurrencies there are alternatives that have infiltrated the marijuana industry and offer specific marijuana transactions.

Cannabis-based cryptocurrencies include, among others, CannabisCoin, HempCoin, PotCoin, CannaCoin and DopeCoin, to name just a few. Below is a brief description of each of them.


The purpose of HempCoin (THC) is to fund the cannabis cultivation industry, as well as the use of medical or recreational marijuana in dispensaries. The HempCoin website is said to be useful in facilitating transactions between growers and local dispensaries. From that website you can buy tools and equipment for cultivation.


CannabisCoin, or CANN, is a cannabis cryptocurrency that allows businesses to facilitate medical marijuana transactions within dispensaries. This marijuana-based cryptocurrency also uses digital wallets to manage and store virtual currencies.


The main goal of DopeCoin, or DOPE, is to provide marijuana enthusiasts with a more secure and modern way of doing business. Users of this cryptocurrency can make transactions pseudo-anonymously, and free of charge through its website.


CannaCoin, or CNN, is a cannabis cryptocurrency that operates on Peer-to-Peer technology, which is a decentralized blockchain. Its mission is to develop future crypto applications for cannabis production, cryptocurrency processing, the creation of vape stations and other businesses related to the cannabis industry.


PotCoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the marijuana industry. The main design of this cannabis-based cryptocurrency is to solve banking problems for those looking to transact legal marijuana. Trading with this digital currency is carried out without the use of a bank transaction.

PotCoin operates in three marketplaces where users can validate transactions that are locked based on the amount of coins they have on hand. In addition, the transaction speed is about 40 seconds, which is quite impressive compared to Bitcoin.

cannabis cryptocurrencies

Who created cryptocurrencies?

Virtual currencies are created through a process known as ‘mining’. Massive amounts of powerful computer hardware and robust software are used in the ‘mining’ process. Mining consists of verifying cryptocurrency transactions and creating new cryptocurrency units.

It is important to clarify that the method by which cryptocurrencies are created is defined by the code of a specific cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency-based algorithms generate cryptocurrencies. This is why it is known as “cryptographic” currency. In addition, cryptocurrency transactions are linked to unique cryptographic codes that help protect the network.

What is the best cryptocurrency?

Currently, the best cryptocurrency to invest in is Bitcoin. This is the virtual currency that continues to dominate all digital assets, with a market capitalization of $8111 billion by early 2022.

This cryptocurrency experienced volatility, falling to levels of $40 000 in September, and peaking at $65 000 in October 2021. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors continued to believe in Bitcoin, and it was even hailed as digital gold and a hedge against inflation by major banking institutions such as Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan.

investing in cryptos

How to know which cryptocurrency to invest in?

Before investing in cryptocurrencies , it is essential that you do some research. To begin with, it is critical to understand that selecting a good cryptocurrency is not the same as selecting a good stock. A share is the property of a company that generates profits for its shareholders, or has the potential to do so. Owning a cryptocurrency is equivalent to owning a digital asset with no intrinsic value.

In other words, in investing all cryptocurrencies, supply and demand determine whether the price of a virtual currency rises or falls. When there is an increase in demand and limited supply, the price rises. When supply is limited, prices go up and vice versa.

Consequently, if you want to invest in cannabis cryptocurrency, you need to determine how supply increases and what will drive demand for that digital currency upwards.

crypto with more future

What is the crypto with the most future?

As stated above, the best cryptocurrency at present is still Bitcoin. It is the most popular cryptocurrency in the global cryptocurrency market, which has shown significant signs of recovery after a massive drop from its all-time high of $68,000.

bitcoin cannabis

Several companies in various industries around the world have launched Bitcoin payment systems. It has even sparked interest from governments, including El Salvador planning to build a Bitcoin City in the near future. Because of their exposure to Bitcoin, investors have realized that Bitcoin has the best growth potential in 2022.

Despite this, Ethereum is expected to overtake Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market in the near future. Because Ethereum is a smart contract blockchain that provides a trusted decentralized environment, digital wallets will be full of Ethereum tokens.

Ethereum currently hosts a number of marketplaces for trading and lending cryptoassets. New versions are also being launched in the market, such as Ethereum 2.0, to provide more efficient services to those who wish to invest in this cryptocurrency.

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