What is the organic seal?

We explain what an organic product is and what its certification means.

Consumer preferences have changed a lot in recent years. It no longer applies to us with the simple fact of feeding and taking care of ourselves with cosmetics. We want to know where they come from and with what products we use have been manufactured because our values and awareness about what we consume is an added value. Not only do we care about the quality of the food, but we are willing to pay more when we are assured that the food is of the highest quality. Thechocolate that we are going to enjoy comes from fair trade, free of exploitation throughout its supply chain, or that no genetically modified organism has been involved in its production that kills the biodiversity of the planet. So much so that the market for labeled products and organic production has increased 4 in the last decade and is estimated to continue to stand out as awareness of the care of our planet increases. This is why a large business has emerged around eco, bio and organic seals that generates a lot of confusion. Higea CBD oils are certified as organic production by the European Union but what does this mean? What requirements do you have to meet to achieve this certification?

What does organic mean?

Organic production aims to take care of: Organic production aims to take care of:

  • The environment: no uses of pesticides or pollutants
  • Biodiversity: does not allow GMO crops
  • Natural resources: responsible water and soil consumption
  • Standards of animal respect and welfare

Organic products have to pass many tests throughout their supply chain to obtain European certification so that safety and traceability are checked in each raw material and processing process. 95% of raw materials must be labeled as organic for the final product to be awarded the Organic logo of the European Union. The remaining 5% are also strictly controlled. This logo allows producers to sell their products as organic and makes it easier for consumers to identify.

organic seal

organic certification

The organic seal in the European Union

This logo is granted to the producer only by an authorized control body. Next to the logo you will find a numerical code and the origin of the raw materials with which the product is made. Each raw material can come from several countries within or outside the European Union. When you buy an organic product you can trace from the origin of the raw material to every process it has gone through to get to your hands. Only when you see this logo and check its numerical code can you make sure that you are buying a product that truly meets all the requirements required by the European Union.

Organic certification implies that the product you are going to consume is free of toxins,glyphosates, chemical fertilizers and pesticides since what this regulation seeks is to eliminate water pollution, protect biodiversity and fertility of the land. On the other hand, organic certification also aims to join the fight against climate change as it promotes the use of energies that emit fewer polluting gases than conventional energies (40% less).

The European Union’s Organic Seal has this year served 2020 10 years since its inception. In its efforts to promote organic and sustainable agriculture, it is estimated that by 2030 25% of European agricultural soil will comply with organic regulations. The European Commission is committed to protecting consumer confidence in products of organic origin and that is why it is actively combating fraud.

How do producers get the eco-seal?

In the case of Spain, there are Ecological Agriculture Committees that depend on each Autonomous Community. The producer shall pay the seal and undergo an inspection to certify that all its production and supply processes comply with the ecological regulations of the European Union. And it is that in Spain once the seal has been obtained you will be able to sell your products as Bio, Ecological or Organic interchangeably since according to the regulation they are synonymous.

However, it is necessary to look very closely at the label that accompanies these words when purchasing products since many imported products marketed with these words (Bio, Eco or Organic) may not meet European requirements or have undergone audits by private bodies which does not guarantee thequality or traceability of the products you are purchasing at all.

organic product

What does Organic CBD Oil mean?

HIgea CBD oils are labeled with the organic product seal. This means that the cannabis crops from which we extract pure oils come from 100% natural sustainable agriculture and GMO-free agriculture. CBD essential oil is extracted using the super-cryptic CO2 extraction method in Dutch laboratories and we use MCT oil from coconut as a carrier. The organic seal not only guarantees that we comply with European regulations but also the quality, traceability and control we have over our products from the seed of the raw material to the bottle of CBD oil that reaches your hands.

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