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Qué son los terpenos

Cannabis has many components, including terpenes

Many researchers have discovered several of the properties of cannabis,most of them being beneficial and used in treatments and diseases even as a form of recreation.

As research progresses, we have begun to find another type of properties offered by the plant and, one of them, are terpenes.

To understand what they offer us and know what terpenes are,you need to know what their composition is and, of course, what it produces in cannabis to start considering them as beneficial.


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Terpenes, what are they?

Scientists highlight terpenes as molecules or, also called organic compounds, that function as flavorings, protectors and flavorings of cannabis or any type of plant.

According to research conducted by scientists specializing in biology, terpenes are a special protection for both cannabis and other plants.

For example, as we have announced, one of its functions is to protect plants from high temperatures, producing a layer around it and giving it the freshness it is needing.

This kind of terpenes like humulene, make their appearance in the morning and in the evening. It is for this reason that it is recommended to harvest cannabis early.

Its harvest in the early hours of the morning allows to obtain a much more concentrated cannabis oil due to the work of the terpenes.

Within cannabis, terpenes have been found to contain properties ideal for different types of treatments and, above all, intensify the properties of the same plant.

This kind of terpenes make their appearance in the morning and evening. It is for this reason that it is recommended to harvest cannabis early.

Within cannabis, terpenes have been found to contain properties ideal for different types of treatments and, above all, intensify the properties of the same plant.

We can define them as molecules that have benefits for both cannabis and humans.

Types of terpenes

Within cannabis, as we mentioned, there are different types of terpenes and most of them are already being used in cleaning products, lotions, flavorings and much more.

But let’s see what one of them is and what difference each one has.

structure of terpenes

Terpene Limonene

Every day, cannabis surprises us with its properties and components such as terpenes. In this case, the terpene limonene is one of those responsible for granting cannabis and all those flowers that make up a citrus fragrance.

It is for this reason that it is used as a flavoring in certain food products and lotions for the body.

But at the same time, it has different medicinal uses, thanks to recent research, it has been confirmed that helps treat cancer,thanks to reduced heartburn, makes patients have fewer arches during treatment, but studies on the subject are still being increased.

Due to the dissolution potency, limonene terpene is used as a cleaning product, as it can remove any type of oil. In the case of cannabis, most use this terpene to enhance the plant’s derived oils.

Miceno terpene

Continuing with the different types of terpenes, we present Miceno. It comes from monoterpenes, which are composed of a single molecule.

This terpene is one of the most found in cannabis and which gives it a hop aroma (species of plants of the genus Humulus).

Like limonene, it is used in certain countries as a treatment for diarrhea and, at the same time, it is used for diabetes and, above all, for hypertension.

According to some laboratory research, the combination between limonene and micene produce sedative and relaxing effects,but for the time being, it has only been tested in animals.

terpenes that are


Continuing with the types of terpenes, we present the Pinene. This type of terpene is found in most plants and especially in pine.

Due to research, its bronchodilator property has been discovered, allowing it to absorb cannabis oil or any other type of product from a lung level.

At the same time, its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and even bronchodilator activity has been discovered.

The terpene linalool

The terpene linalool is one of the most commonly used terpenes in fragrances and is found in lavender oil.

The particular thing about this terpene is its medicinal effects, since when combined with other components, it can cause different effects.

One of its combinations is made with CBD providing an anticonvulsant effect, ideal for epilepsy disorders.

Although much remains to be discovered, it is considered to be one of the most beneficial terpenes.

All the information about terpones


Essential oil components

mature trichomes

More than just protectors

As we mentioned, both cannabis and a wide variety of plants, have more than 120 terpenes up to even twice as many as giving us a number of different effects to our body.

Although cannabis has been discovered years ago, several studies are still pending to determine each of its properties and, above all, tests are lacking to know exactly what they can produce in a human being.

As you can see, each of them gives cannabis or its derivatives such as CBD oil, THC and marijuana a number of properties that, combined, can treat diseases and disorders.

One thing we should always keep in mind is that, although many consider cannabis and terpenes as a definitive cure, this is not the case.

But it can manage to mitigate the symptoms of different diseases like autism and even relieve pain, manage to manage disorders such as anxiety and depression.

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