How to combat Jet lag with CBD?

If you travel regularly for business or pleasure, you are likely to experience what is known as “jet lag” or “jet lag”. In this article we will talk about how to combat jet lag with CBD, a condition that can have a negative impact on your sleep and alertness. Remember that we also inform you about the countries where you can travel with CBD.

The time difference between two time zones is the cause of this type of time lag. That is, when you travel from one time zone to another, your body adapts very slowly, resulting in a variety of symptoms.

The good news is that CBD is proving to be an effective treatment for jet lag symptoms.

What is Jet lag?

If you don’t know what jet lag is, here is a detailed description. After traveling across more than two different time zones, you may experience jet lag, a common but temporary sleep condition. Due to an abrupt disruption in your body’s internal clock, or circadian sleep rhythms, jet lag can make you feel sick.

Headaches and sleep problems are among the most common symptoms. After traveling a long distance quickly, people often develop problems sleeping. What happens is that your body’s “internal clock,” or circadian rhythm, needs time to acclimate to the new sleep-wake cycles at your destination as you fly across more than two time zones.

Jet lag is a type of sleep problem characterized by a disruption of the circadian cycle. Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles that your body follows. These rhythms tell your body when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. They also have an impact on other physiological functions such as hormones, digestion and body temperature.

jet lag symptoms

Jet lag symptoms

Before we talk about how to combat jet lag with CBD, it’s first important to understand the symptoms. The most common are as follows:

  • Difficulty falling asleep.
  • Headache.
  • Daytime sleepiness.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Fatigue or extreme tiredness.
  • Mood swings and irritability.
  • Upset stomach.

What are the causes of jet lag?

Your body’s natural rhythms are out of sync with the day and night hours of the country you are traveling to, causing symptoms of jet lag. Because your body moves faster than your brain and circadian rhythms can handle the time change, air travel exacerbates jet lag.

Other factors that may contribute to jet lag and exacerbate symptoms include:

  • Sitting for a long time during the flight.
  • Lack of oxygen and reduced air pressure in the aircraft cabin.
  • Dehydration can occur due to the warm temperature and humidity in the cabin.
jet lag cbd oil

How to combat Jet lag with CBD?

Although there are several methods to avoid jet lag, you may still experience it. If you ever have to travel between two time zones and don’t know how to avoid jet lag, CBD can help.

CBD is an organic compound that can help you with all the symptoms of jet lag. Here’s how to effectively combat jet lag with CBD.

CBD fights pain and inflammation

Most people who move from one place to another with big time changes suffer from headaches and muscle aches. In addition, it is also common for them to experience muscle stiffness when flying long distances.

You can treat jet lag with CBD, as this cannabidiol provides relief from muscle aches and headaches. CBD has been shown in studies to have the ability to relieve difficult to control pain. This cannabinoid is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, making it a suitable treatment option for these symptoms.

For immediate relief from jet lag symptoms, simply take a few drops of CBD every day or, massage directly onto the sore areas.

Combat sleep problems

Sleep disruption is one of the most common symptoms of jet lag. Sleep problems occur when our circadian cycles are disrupted as a result of large time variations.

Fortunately CBD can also be useful in this situation. CBD has been shown to be an effective sleep inducer, helping to combat insomnia. CBD can help you sleep better at night and keep you awake throughout the day.

All of the above by improving your circadian rhythm. CBD has also been shown to be helpful in treating rapid eye movement disturbances, which is one of the symptoms of jet lag.

Helps you deal with irritability and anxiety

Anxiety and irritability are common side effects of jet lag. This is because jet lag causes your brain’s cortisol levels to fluctuate. However, CBD can reduce anxiety and irritation by lowering cortisol levels in the brain. It also activates serotonin receptors in the brain, which relaxes the mind and facilitates concentration.

jet lag nausea

Use CBD to treat nausea caused by jet lag

You may feel sick more often if you travel from one country to another with a significant time difference. You may even lose your appetite. However, the oil of CBD can help relieve nausea and at the same time stimulate your appetite.

Our body’s endocannabinoid system has been linked to nausea, so cannabidiol CBD can be used to alleviate this sensation, according to several research studies. CBD can also be used to treat travel-related motion sickness.

cbd jet lag

CBD and Jet lag conclusion

CBD has become a very effective remedy to treat the symptoms of jet lag. You can use it to keep calm before, during, and after your flights. However, it is important that before travelling with CBD products, you check the legislation of each country.

Note that CBD is legal in many countries, as long as the percentage of THC in the bottle does not exceed 0.2%. In other countries it may be illegal altogether.

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