Taking CBD to play golf

Taking CBD to play golf is a common thing among golfers. In fact, there are cases of golf players who take CBD with the aim of improving their performance and take CBD at different times of the day.

Obviously, taking CBD does not provide golfers with special abilities. They improve your performance by reducing inflammation and pain caused by common injuries and injuries typical of such activity. All of them have even found that they can improve concentration with CBD.

Most common golf injuries

If you like to play golf frequently, chances are you’ll suffer one or more of these common golf injuries at some point. To stay in the game, you need to be aware of these potential injuries, which as we will see below, with CBD can be treated.

Back pain

The hours you spend bent over, along with the rotational pressures your back experiences when you swing, can cause you a lot of back pain. The most typical complaint is lower back pain, but don’t forget the agony of that shooting pain between your shoulder blades.

It is recommended to maintain proper form and train your back muscles regularly to avoid back problems. Ideally, focus specifically on the trapezius and pectoral muscles. Yoga and other flexibility activities can also help prevent back problems.

cbd play golf

Rotator cuff injury

This is another common golf injury that can be treated with cannabidiol CBD. Golfers with a lot of swings can damage their rotator cuffs. These are the four stabilizing muscles in each of your shoulders. When the rotator cuff muscles become enlarged and squeeze the space between the bones of the arm and shoulder, rotator cuff impingement occurs.

If one of the tendons or muscles tears, another type of injury occurs. Both types of injuries cause pain and limit your ability to play. To avoid rotator cuff injuries, use proper posture while exercising and stretch your shoulder, back, and abdominal muscles regularly.


Tennis elbow, or tendonitis, is inflammation and irritation of the outer tendon, while golfer’s elbow is inflammation and irritation of the inner tendon. Surprisingly, tennis elbow affects more golfers than golfer’s elbow, yet the discomfort can be excruciating.

Be sure to practice with proper swing techniques to avoid any tendonitis. Tendonitis develops as a result of overuse of the tendons involved. Therefore, you should schedule your practice routines to give your elbows and arms a rest.

Knee pain

Knee injuries come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s no secret that they get worse as you get older. If your knee hurts while playing, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Lightly stretch your calves, hamstrings, thighs and core muscles before going for a walk to avoid knee pain. It’s also a good idea to wear proper arch support shoes and a brace if you experience weakness or twinges.

cbd golf oil

Why is it good to take CBD for golf?

Now that you know the most common injuries in golfers, you may have noticed that most of them have one thing in common: pain and inflammation. These are two of the main reasons why golfers take CBD.

CBD helps treat pain and reduce inflammation

That is, research has shown that CBD helps with back pain and pain in other parts of the body by reducing inflammation and dealing with anxiety. The latter is very important as it is often an aspect related to chronic, or long-term pain.

Additionally, CBD oil also helps with sleep and general relaxation. CBD seems to have an effect on how people feel pain in some studies, although more research is still needed. However, CBD is a whole body treatment.

This means that it does not directly target back pain, unless it is in topical formulations. What it does is give you a general feeling of relaxation and pain relief. Therefore, if you play golf and suffer from any of the aforementioned injuries, CBD can alleviate the pain you experience.

common golf injuries

Golfers Can Improve Concentration with CBD

Understanding how CBD works
is the first step to understanding how it can help you focus and concentrate. For starters, hemp has a different molecular structure than marijuana and lacks the high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the psychotropic chemical ingredient in marijuana. These psychotropic effects cause a feeling of “euphoria”, which is most commonly associated with marijuana.

cbd golf

Hemp, on the other hand, contains only a trace of THC, so it produces CBD oil that is not psychoactive. However, it has many advantages. Scientists have developed a way to isolate THC from CBD, which is exactly what is known as broad-spectrum CBD without THC.

As mentioned at the beginning, golfers can improve concentration with CBD. Similar to a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, CBD improves focus by allowing more serotonin to circulate in your brain. In addition, a reduction in anxiety is generated as a result of elevated serotonin levels.

Focus and concentration is one of the benefits of having fewer worries. Anxiety often leads to a lack of concentration. CBD has even been shown to help with symptoms of anxiety disorders. If a golfer, or anyone in general, suffers from anxiety, they will experience a severe lack of focus and concentration.

In short, CBD can help golfers, amateur and professional, to be more alert, less distracted and more mentally sharp. Add to this the fact that it can also reduce inflammation and soothe pain, and it becomes a complete treatment.

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