Can CBD relieve nausea?

For more than 10 years science has been studying the potential therapeutic benefits of the cannabinoid CBD in search of alternatives to drugs that generate tolerance and dependence such as opiates. In this not-so-long scientific career, the hypothesis that cannabidiol could help alleviate nausea and the urge to vomit was accidentally discovered. Since this finding, most studies have focused on treating nausea caused by unwanted side effects of aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy in cancer patients.

If you’ve ever used marijuana and experienced what’s colloquially called a “yellow” or “white” (a cannabis intoxication) you’ve probably experienced unpleasant symptoms such as nausea during that bad trip. So, if cannabidiol is a cannabinoid contained in hemp and marijuana, how is it possible that CBD is able to relieve nausea?

Both pot and hemp contain dozens of cannabinoids. The most abundant are CBD and THC. Although both belong to the phytocannabinoid family, their effects on the organism that consumes them differ greatly. On the one hand, the THC has the psychoactive effect provided by the characteristic “high” and is illegal in most countries globally because of its effects. However, Cannabidiol or CBD is making a name for itself in science thanks to the numerous health benefits that are being demonstrated as research progresses and its lack of harmfulness, risk of addiction or tolerance. One of the findings on cannabidiol deals precisely with its THC-blocking effect in preventing poisoning. Thus, in the strains with a high content of CBD, they avoid those “whites” or “yellows” mainly associated with moderate THC intoxication.

How does CBD relieve nausea?

Although we are too early to conclude that cannabidiol effectively relieves symptoms of nausea and vomiting, how it does so and why, numerous studies focused on relieving the side effects of chemo suggest that CBD may help many cancer patients control their nausea and even increase their appetite after their chemotherapy treatments.

However, nausea and vomiting are symptoms of a wide range of pathologies. Although in this article we defend and know that the CBD by the experience of the users has very positive effects on the control of nausea, in Higea CBD we always recommend you if you feel any discomfort such as nausea and vomiting, go directly to your doctor and avoid self-medication. While cannabidiol treatment can relieve your discomfort, that nausea or vomiting may be due to serious problems that you need to fix.

nausea relief cbd

What types of nausea can CBD relieve?

CBD and nausea of pregnancy

Although this is a very popular topic on the internet, the truth is that it has not yet been proven (nor can it be proven today simply because of the short life of scientific research on cannabidiol) how taking CBD during pregnancy affects the foetus. In principle, CBD is a harmless substance according to the World Health Organization, BUT without data, we cannot conclude anything yet. This is why we recommend that if you are pregnant, you consult your doctor before starting or continuing a CBD treatment.

Nausea as a side effect of other drugs and CBD

If you’re thinking about relieving certain adverse effects of the drugs you’re taking, CBD may be an option. However, as with any pharmacological treatment that combines several substances, CBD may have cross effects. This is why, again, we urge you to discuss with your doctor what dose or whether taking CBD would not interfere with your treatment.


CBD and nausea from drinking tea

Many people want to enjoy the great taste and benefits that tea infusions offer, yet the high tannin content of some varieties causes nausea that can induce vomiting. Some CBD users who have this problem have experienced that cannabidiol helps them to avoid such nausea. So if you are a tea lover and this discomfort sounds familiar you can try a few drops of CBD about 30 minutes before enjoying your favorite tea.

cbd hangover

CBD and hangover nausea

If you’re looking for a home remedy to that awkward nausea you feel the morning after you overdid it with alcohol the night before, there’s something Cannabidiol can do for you. CBD helps to fight hangovers. Although it cannot change the acidity of your gastric juices, CBD through the cannabinoid system, specifically through the CB1 receptors, regulates the area of your brain that induces you to vomit. Research suggests that cannabidiol exerts its antiemetic effects indirectly by activating the 5hT-1a receptors in the brain which are also known as serotonin receptors. It is thought that activating these receptors reduces the release of serotonin which blocks the uncomfortable feeling of nausea and the urge to vomit.

nausea thc

THC and nausea

The other cannabinoid that is even better for relieving nausea is THC. This compound directly activates the CB1 receptors that block the signals produced and effectively stop the sensation of nausea. One of the drugs prescribed to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments and suffering from nausea and vomiting as a side effect is Sativex. It combines both CBD and THC oil to help those who are unfortunately suffering the side effects of such aggressive treatment as chemotherapy. In any case, THC is not legal in Spain and has psychoactive effects that you may not want to add to your hangover. You also have to remember that THC poisoning produces just the opposite effect to the one desired.

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