Anti-inflammatory cream for epicondylitis

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In this article we will talk about epicondylitis or tennis elbow, a condition that mainly affects people who perform continuous movements with the elbow. We will see what are the causes that generate this condition, and the symptoms that are experienced. We will also talk about the use of anti-inflammatory cream for epicondylitis and its effects. If you want to know more about other ailments and for example know how you can use an anti-inflammatory cream for a sprained ankle or the best anti-inflammatory cream for tendonitis, you can read it in another articles of this category.

It is worth mentioning that these anti-inflammatory creams are also commonly used in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Even many carpal tunnel syndrome specialists also recommend the use of such creams.

What is epicondylitis?

Contrary to what you might think, tennis elbow doesn’t only affect tennis players. Epicondylitis is the most common cause of elbow pain and is thought to be caused by small tears in the tendons that connect the forearm muscles to the arm bone at the elbow joint.

A medical history and physical examination are used to diagnose epicondylitis. However, additional tests may be needed to rule out other possible causes of lateral elbow pain, as it is also known.

As serious as this condition sounds, tennis elbow can be treated conservatively by resting, wearing a forearm brace, and applying an anti-inflammatory epicondylitis cream.

anti-inflammatory epicondylitis cream

What causes epicondylitis?

Tennis elbow is caused by a problem with the tendon of the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. This is the tendon that connects to the lateral epicondyle, the outer portion of the elbow bone. The medical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. The muscle attachment site that allows the wrist to be lifted backwards is where this tendon is located, known as “wrist extension”.

While it may seem otherwise, epicondylitis is not just a case of tendon “inflammation,” as some people believe. Doctors have discovered that microscopic tears occur within the tendon that have not fully healed as a result of repetitive motion. This causes a degenerative phase or wear and tear, generating pain and sensitivity on the outside of the elbow.

Who is most at risk for tennis elbow?

Although tennis elbow can occur on its own, there are two groups of people who are particularly susceptible to the condition:


Epicondylitis is a common ailment among athletes, especially those who play racquet sports. In fact, tennis elbow affects approximately one-third of amateur tennis players at some point in their careers. It is also common in golfers, fencers, and other people who play sports. For example, CBD is commonly consumed before and after surfing.

Manual workers

Epicondylitis is more likely to occur in people who do manual labor. This segment includes plumbers, painters, gardeners and carpenters.

Despite the above, epicondylitis can be caused by a direct blow to the elbow. Also from other situations that involve repetitive gripping and repetitive movements. This causes inflammation of the tendon, however, trauma is a less common cause.

cbd tennis elbow

What are the symptoms of epicondylitis?

The following are the most common symptoms of epicondylitis:

  • Pain or burning sensation on the outside area of the elbow, which gets worse each time the elbow is grasped or lifted.
  • The pain usually starts in the elbow and then spreads to the forearm.
  • People with tennis elbow often experience loss of strength when holding things.

The pain caused by epicondylitis usually develops gradually over time, but can also appear abruptly. In addition, the intensity of the pain can be extremely variable, from moderate to severe, or even disabling.

tennis elbow anti-inflammatory cream

Treatment for tennis elbow

Most of the time, epicondylitis is treated with quick, non-surgical measures. In addition, most people who use an anti-inflammatory cream for epicondylitis respond well with enough time. That said, tennis elbow may be treated with one or more of the following procedures:

  • Rest and cessation of activity. Stopping or severely restricting activities that cause or aggravate the condition, often for several weeks, is an important first step toward recovery from epicondylitis.
  • Medications. Following a doctor’s instructions, taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Orthopedic device. Wearing a band over the back of the forearm muscle, just below the elbow, can help relieve tension on the tendons and muscles.
  • Physiotherapy. Stretching and strengthening the forearm muscles, as well as performing epicondylitis self-massage withice, heat and ultrasound, will also help improve muscle function and speed healing.
tennis elbow treatment

Anti-inflammatory cream for epicondylitis

Another recommended treatment option for tennis elbow is anti-inflammatory cream for epicondylitis. As mentioned above, these types of creams can also be used to treat plantar fasciitis, although they act primarily on the elbow joint.

Not only that, the new creams of Higea CBD, are highly effective to prevent joint pain. These are CBD-enriched creams formulated to combat the inflammation caused by epicondylitis. In addition to tennis elbow, Hygea’s anti-inflammatory CBD cream can be used to treat other conditions such as the following:

It is a fact that joint pain, and especially that caused by tennis elbow, generates a lot of discomfort that can be effectively reduced with an anti-inflammatory cream for epicondylitis.

Regarding the use of this epicondylitis treatment cream, it is recommended to apply 3 to 4 times a day, for at least 7 days. The cream works by providing immediate relief from the pain, inflammation and discomfort of tennis elbow, and any of the other conditions.

You can even use this anti-inflammatory CBD cream before any activity that involves moving the affected areas. When applying the cream just make sure to gently massage the elbow area to receive the maximum effect.

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