Best anti-inflammatory cream for tendinitis

In this article we will not only tell you about thebest anti-inflammatory cream for tendonitis. We will also look at the causes of the condition, as well as the symptoms and risk factors.

You will also find information on the most recommended treatments for tendonitis, including functional taping. Of course we’ll talk about steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and we’ll even share with you some home remedies to treat tendonitis. Remember that if you have other ailments, you can read our articles on anti-inflammatory cream for plantar fasciitis or CBD cream for osteoarthritis.

Because CBD is used to treat pain, it is logical to wonder if CBD for tendonitis is an effective treatment option. In addition, there are a variety of over-the-counter medications that can help relieve the pain and inflammation caused by this condition, but can CBD be just as effective?

Before looking at how CBD oil can help with tendonitis, it is important to understand what tendonitis is. As in all cases, it is necessary to find out the causes of the condition to determine the best course of action.

What is tendonitis?

Tendonitis is a condition in which tendons become inflamed or painful. It happens that tendons are fibrous strands that are thick, flexible and able to withstand tension. They are very important in our body as they connect the bones to the muscles to allow proper movement. For their part, ligaments connect the bones at the point of the joints. It should be noted that tendonitis is extremely painful, to the extent that it can be disabling.

Although tendonitis can affect any of the tendons in the body, it is most commonly seen in the elbow, wrist, knee, heels and shoulders. As a result, the name of the condition is determined by the injured body component. Therefore, common terms include Achilles tendonitis, jumper’s knee, epicondylitis or tennis elbow, and pitcher’s shoulder.

In addition, tendinitis can be acute, appearing suddenly, induced by a sports injury, or it can be chronic, produced by overuse or repetition. As for the symptoms of tendinitis, the most common are the following:

  • Pain and tenderness in the affected tendon.
  • The pain gets worse when you move the affected part.
  • Swelling is also present.
  • Weakness in the affected area.
  • Range of motion is reduced.

As far as the diagnosis of tendonitis is concerned, it is usually straightforward. A doctor will likely check the problem area and ask you how the tendon injury occurred. Studies such as MRIs and ultrasounds are often required.

It is also important to note that the discomfort of tendonitis can range from mild to severe, depending on the extent of the damage. While most people find relief from their discomfort when the tendons have had time to heal, surgery may be required in certain circumstances to restore severely damaged tendons.

Treatment for mild to moderate tendinitis without surgery usually consists of resting the affected area, perhaps wearing a splint, and taking pain relievers. You can also apply ice to the injury. And while pain relievers like ibuprofen and aspirin can help, some people prefer to look for more natural options. CBD oil may be an option to consider if this is the case for you.

best anti-inflammatory cream tendinitis

What causes tendonitis?

Tendonitis can occur not only as a result of a quick jolt or damage to the site of contact. It is also commonly the result of prolonged periods of intense activity, often as a result of the person’s work or activity. Basically anything that leads to overuse or extreme strain on the tendons.

Risk factors for tendinitis

The following are some of the most common risk factors for tendonitis:

  • Age. Although tendonitis can affect anyone at any age, it is more common in older people because their tendons become less flexible.
  • Medications: If taken without consulting a doctor, certain antibiotics can cause tendonitis as a side effect.

Comorbid disorders. Including diabetes, gout, blood or kidney disease, as well as rheumatoid arthritis, increase the risk of tendonitis.

Sports activities: Tendinitis is more frequent in athletes as it is an activity that requires constant repetitive actions that can last for a long time. Swimming, running, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf and bowling are some of these sports activities.

The occupation. People who work in industries where their bodies are regularly subjected to vibration, physical strain, repetitive movements and awkward positions are more likely to develop tendonitis. Gardening, carpentry, painting, shoveling and scrubbing are examples of these occupations.

tendinitis treatment

Symptoms and complications of tendonitis

As mentioned above, tendonitis is a condition that occurs at the point where bones attach to muscles. Because of this, tendonitis can cause the following symptoms:

  • A person with tendonitis experiences severe pain that gets worse every time he or she moves the affected area of the body.
  • Another symptom of tendonitis is that when you move, your tendons feel like they’re tearing.
  • It is also common for the tendons to be swollen, warm, and red.
  • In addition, a lump is likely to form in the area of the tendon.

Regarding complications, if the problem is not addressed promptly and discomfort persists for several months, tendonitis can cause tendons to degenerate and abnormal blood vessels to grow. Although it happens infrequently, tendinitis can lead to tendon rupture, which is extremely painful and may require surgery to correct.

diagnosis tendinitis

Diagnosis and treatment of tendinitis

If you encounter or experience any of the above indications and symptoms, you should immediately visit a specialist doctor. The orthopedic specialist will usually perform a complete physical examination, feeling the site of the injury.

The doctor may also consider any previous medical conditions, injuries or accidents that may have occurred in the past. In addition, for a more accurate diagnosis of tendinitis, the doctor may perform X-rays, ultrasound and MRI scans.

Functional bandaging

It is a type of bandage used to treat tendonitis, especially in the ankle, elbow, shoulder, fingers, back, and even hip joints. Inelastic strips, elastic adhesive strips, self-adhesive strips and foam strips are often used. The aim of functional taping for tendonitis is to modify joint alignment.

Home Remedies

Some home remedies, in addition to medication, anti-inflammatory tendonitis cream and physical therapy, can help speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Place an ice pack on the affected area.
  • Compression wraps or elastic bandages may be used to put pressure on the damaged area.
  • Elevate the impacted body part
cbd tendinitis


Most treatment approaches focus on reducing pain and inflammation in the affected area. These are some of them:

  • Medications: Corticosteroids, pain relievers, and plasma treatment are examples of a drug treatment.
  • Physical therapy: A well-trained therapist can use a specific set of exercises to stretch and strengthen the affected muscle-tendon unit. This can help reduce pain and improve movement.
  • Surgery. If symptoms do not improve, the doctor may resort to surgical methods such as ultrasonic therapy, dry needling, or surgical repair of the torn tendon.
cbd tendinitis cream

What is the best anti-inflammatory cream for tendinitis?

As part of the treatment for tendonitis, anti-inflammatory cream is essential for recovery. In this regard, the previous best cream for tendonitis is Muscle & Joint Recovery Cream.

This cream is formulated with natural ingredients that provide immediate relief to muscles and joints. Once applied to the affected area, it relieves the stiffness that causes pain in the body and joints. Therefore, it is ideal for sprains and strains. In addition, it contains camphor and mental, which provide an intense and penetrating heat.

It should be noted that this is one of Higea CBD’s new creams designed to combat all kinds of conditions that cause pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. They are CBD-enriched creams that take advantage of all the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol CBD.

cbd for tendinitis

CBD tendinitis: CBD oil for Tendinopathy

If you have reached this point, it is because you are interested in whether CBD can be used to treat tendonitis. As we know, cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis plants.

It has the advantage of not being psychoactive and has not been linked to any adverse side effects. It is even considered a safe chemical by the World Health Organization.

In addition, CBD oil provides a host of incredible health advantages, according to research. These benefits could include sleeping better, reducing worry, and even reducing pain.

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, using a CBD oil for tendonitis may be an excellent alternative to consider. CBD has been shown in tests to help reduce inflammation in the body, which in turn reduces the amount of pain a person experiences. And because inflammation causes pain, finding a natural technique to minimize it can make you feel a lot better.

While you can always buy a pharmaceutical lotion for tennis elbow or a pain reliever, CBD is a great alternative because it is all-natural and has no known side effects. CBD simply interacts with your body to reduce inflammation and restore balance in a variety of body systems.

After consuming CBD, most people report feeling significantly more relaxed and calm. As you know, when you’re in pain, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. Therefore, taking CBD oil for tendonitis can help you not only relieve pain, but also help you fall asleep at night.

What is the best CBD oil for tendonitis?

So far we have talked about CBD oil, tendonitis and how this cannabidiol could help you reduce inflammation. Of course, you may be wondering: what is the best CBD oil to treat tendonitis?

There are numerous CBD products available on the market. Unfortunately, they are not all the same. Many do not have as much CBD as advertised and some have potentially dangerous compounds. Therefore, it is essential to obtain high quality CBD products from reliable companies.

Therefore, our recommendation is to use Hygea CBD oil for tendonitis. These CBD oils are available in different concentrations, including 5%, 10%, 205, and 30%. In addition, it is a 100% natural, full-spectrum CBD oil.

This means that during CBD extraction the terpenes are retained to enhance the health benefits through the entourage effect. And that’s not all, Higea CBD oils are always subjected to strict quality controls to ensure that each bottle contains less than 0.2% THC.

Besides being a natural and quality CBD product, Higea CBD oil allows you to control the dosage according to your current weight, and your specific needs. You even only have to use ¾ drops of CBD oil topically to start noticing the effects.

Even if you don’t know how to take CBD tendinitis oil, on the Higea website you can find information on the dosage of CBD oil based on your level of pain (mild, medium, severe) and your weight.

So if you are looking for a quality CBD oil for tendonitis, Higea CBD is an excellent choice. Not only is it easy to use, but you can also get it in different concentrations.

When used on the injured area, Hygea CBD oil provides immediate warmth and relief. Then, CBD goes to work to reduce your discomfort, making it a must-have product for anyone suffering from tendonitis.

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