Urine test for cannabis

A urine test for cannabis, also known as a urine drug test, can detect drugs in a person’s system. The most popular form of drug testing is precisely the urine test. This is because it is a painless, easy, quick and inexpensive test. Drug testing of both illicit and prescription drugs is also common.

When a person submits to a urine THC test, they provide a sample, which is analysed by a specialist doctor or technician. The interesting thing about this test is that after the effects of the drugs have worn off, the urine test will determine if a person has used specific drugs in the past few days or weeks. Its results are very similar to those of hair tests for marijuana.

Uses and purposes of urine testing for cannabis

Next we will talk in detail about the urine test for cannabis. We look at the different types of drugs that can detect this type of test, as well as how long these compounds can be traced in the urine. We will even see if it is possible to detect CBD in urine, or the amount of THC-COOH detected.

Doctors and rehabilitation programs

If a doctor suspects that a patient has been abusing prescription drugs or has been using illegal drugs, he or she can order a urine test for cannabis. A doctor, for example, may order a urine test to see if a patient is abusing opioids prescribed by the doctor to treat chronic pain.

In addition, if a member of the emergency services team suspects that a person is acting strangely or dangerously due to drug use, they can also request a urine cannabis test.

On the other hand, drug and alcohol rehab, or recovery centers, may also request a urine cannabis test to ensure that a person remains sober. It is very common for people with a history of substance abuse to also undergo this type of urinalysis once they enter prison.

cannabis urine test

At work and sporting events

Some employers require new or current employees to submit to a urine THC test. This tends to be more common in workplaces with strict safety requirements. A person who operates vehicles or heavy machinery, for example, may be more likely to be tested for drugs by an employer.

Employee drug testing regulations vary by state, so check with your local authorities. On the other hand, urine testing for cannabis is also required at many sporting events. This is done to check that athletes have not used performance-enhancing drugs.

What types of drugs can a urine test detect?

The drugs listed below may show up in a urine test:

  • Cannabis or marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Methamphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Amphetamines

Additionally, a urine test will reveal how much alcohol is in a person’s system. That is, when someone is suspected of having consumed alcohol, a blood or breath test is more likely to be ordered. Nicotine and cotinine, which are released by the body when nicotine is broken down, can also be detected in a urine test.

cbd oil urine test

Can CBD show up in urine?

Those who regularly consume CBD products often wonder if CBD can show up in a urine test for cannabis. The answer to this question is interesting, as initially CBD would not show up in a drug test because it is not tested for in drug tests.

However, since CBD products may contain THC, there is a possibility of a false positive urine test after using these products. Although we must remember that CBD counteracts the effects of THC and being legal is not a cannabinoid that is tracked in this type of testing.

It is also a good idea to check that the CBD oil or any other product containing cannabidiol does not exceed the allowed THC percentage. Otherwise, THC in the urine may show up during the test. In the case of the oils sold by Higuea, the contents are half of the legal minimum, 0.1%, while the legal limit is 0.2%, so there are no problems with these tests when you buy Higuea CBD oils.

urine test for cannabis

How is a urine test for cannabis performed?

It is important to clarify that the urine test for cannabis is normally performed by a doctor or a qualified technician. Urine drug tests come in two varieties, all of which include a sample.

The most popular urinalysis method is known as immunoassay (IA), and is considered to be the fastest and most affordable. However, it can produce a false positive, that is, it can indicate that a drug is present in the urine, even though the user has not consumed it.

An additional urine test may be used to validate the results of an immunoassay test. In this case, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry is used as the second test.

It must be said that this test is a more accurate screening tool than the AI test. It is also capable of detecting a broader spectrum of substances. However, these types of tests are generally used only as a follow-up, because they are more expensive and take longer to reveal the results.

how long does cbd stay in the body?

Detection times: How long does cannabis stay in your body?

This is an important aspect to consider, as there are many factors that can influence how long a urine test can detect a particular drug in the body.

The following factors must therefore be taken into account:

  • Urine acidity
  • Hydration levels
  • The body mass of the individual
  • Time that has elapsed since the individual used the drug

However, when a person has been using drugs for a long time, and in excess, the urine test will detect the drug over a longer period of time. For example, if you consume cannabis once, it will stay in your body for 3 days. If you use 4 times or more per week, cannabis will be detected in 5 to 7 days.

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