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If you are a regular cannabidiol user you may have wondered if it is possible to overdose on CBD. To resolve this and other doubts, in this article we will address the effects of ingesting a large amount of CBD. We will even see if pets can also experience such an overdose.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a THC overdose often becomes an emergency requiring hospitalization. An overdosed person may experience unpleasant side effects, including paranoia, decreased blood sugar, or increased heart rate.

Considering the above, there are several questions that arise in this regard: Can CBD oil be consumed in excess? What happens if you consume too much CBD at once?

What is an overdose?

The medical definition of overdose involves consuming too much of a narcotic, whether prescribed, over-the-counter, legal or illegal. In addition, drug overdose can occur accidentally or on purpose.

Therefore, you will overdose if you have consumed a drug in quantities that are excessive, or have a negative impact on your body’s natural processes.

As expected, death is one of the serious medical consequences of an overdose. However, it is important to keep in mind that the severity of an overdose is determined by the type of drug consumed, the dosage, the physical condition, and the medical history of the user.

cbd overdose

Can you overdose on CBD?

Because there are no cannabinoid receptors in the part of the brainstem responsible for respiratory function, it is not possible to experience a lethal overdose with CBD oil. But that does not exclude the excessive use of cannabidiol.

It should be noted that so far, no study has shown that CBD oil overdose exists. However, it is possible to accidentally consume more CBD than indicated, and experience slight negative effects.

Consequently, the amount of CBD that exceeds your recommended therapeutic dose, and causes you discomfort, is what we call “too much CBD”. You should be aware that there is no single overdose threshold that applies to everyone. That is, the dose of CBD you use should be based on your age, diet, weight, sex, metabolism, and your previous consumption history.

Is there such a thing as CBD overdose in dogs?

As with humans, there is no evidence that excess CBD oil harms pets. Therefore, an overdose of CBD in dogs is unlikely to be fatal. In addition, animals react to CBD oil in a similar way as people do.

There is also no such thing as CBD overdose in cats with fatal consequences. Despite this, it should be noted that the largest pets are three times smaller than people. Therefore, pet owners should be more careful when adjusting the CBD dosage according to the weight of their dog or cat.

Importantly, the chemical compounds in hemp can have considerable health benefits for pets consuming full-spectrum CBD.

A minimal amount of THC (less than 0.2%) is also present in these CBD products. This amount is not enough for your pet to experience psychoactive effects. However, it is enough to make full-spectrum extracts more potent than isolated CBD.

It is a good idea to consult with a veterinarian if you are not sure how much CBD to give your pet. Also, if you want to buy CBD oil for the first time, avoid doing so through online retailers such as Amazon and rely on trusted companies with a long track record, such as Higea CBD.

Online retailers often only sell hemp seed oil. However, these products are incorrectly labeled as hemp oil or hemp extract, so they do not actually provide the health benefits of CBD.

consequences of consuming too much cbd

What happens if you consume too much CBD?

Both humans and pets tolerate CBD quite well. Therefore, an overdose of CBD oil is unlikely. In fact, one
which examined the efficacy and safety of CBD, revealed that doses of 1500 mg used repeatedly do not produce any serious negative effects.

It is difficult to know how much CBD you would need to consume to experience negative side effects. This is because most people consume no more than 50 mg of CBD daily.

Nevertheless, these are the possible negative effects of an overdose of CBD oil:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Changes in appetite.
  • Interactions between drugs and CBD oil.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Dizziness.
cbd overdose

Dry mouth

It is important to clarify that all cannabinoids have the same dry mouth effect. This is due to its interaction with cannabinoid receptors located in the salivary glands.

Therefore, the cannabinoids in cannabis products will bind to these receptors and prevent salivation when consumed. Because of this, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after ingesting CBD oil.


An overdose of CBD can make you feel dizzy, as you experience a brief reduction in blood pressure. Some consumers have also shown drowsiness after consuming too much CBD oil.

Appetite changes

For some it may be the effect you are looking for, but for others, it may make them feel like taking a nap during the day. On the other hand, changes in appetite are less frequent than the two effects mentioned above.

In addition, researchers are still trying to figure out why some users report increased appetite, while others claim decreased hunger after consuming CBD oil.

cbd oil overdose


Excessive consumption of carrier oil, which is the oil in which the CBD extract has been diluted, may cause diarrhea as an adverse effect.

Interaction with drugs

Additionally, consumers should be aware of CBD-induced drug interactions, especially if they are taking any medications. This is because it has been found that the liver’s ability to process pharmacological substances is compromised by CBD.

If your prescription has a warning, you should not consume CBD at the same time as your medication. Again, it is best to talk to your doctor to prevent these possible reactions.

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