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The long-standing legacy of cannabis in Switzerland, coupled with the flexibility of the authorities, has resulted in a remarkable cannabis culture. Therefore, buying CBD in Switzerland is much easier compared to other countries. At Higea CBD you can buy high quality CBD oil in Spain and you can buy CBD in Tenerife, in Zaragoza or in Bilbao.

In addition, the land of chocolate and cheese is leading the way when it comes to hemp and CBD. In fact, Switzerland, not being a member of the EU, has been able to avoid many restrictive requirements by enacting its own forward-looking cannabis legislation.

Why is it so easy to buy CBD oil in Switzerland?

To understand why you can buy CBD in Switzerland very easily, it is necessary to talk about its legislation and the history of marijuana in Switzerland. The earliest evidence of cannabis cultivation in Switzerland dates back to the 13th century. The scientists discovered hemp cloth, as well as hemp stalks, cannabis pollen, seeds and fibre.

Although most of the evidence was discovered in the canton of Jura in northwestern Switzerland, archaeologists have uncovered traces of cannabis elsewhere, indicating widespread use of hemp throughout the Middle Ages.

The Swiss, along with Italy, France and Germany, were the most successful hemp traders in the medieval period. They used hemp mainly for textiles, clothing and ropes..

Until the Industrial Revolution, Switzerland actively cultivated cannabis. The country reduced the number of hemp fields between the 18th and 19th centuries because it needed more area for livestock production.

However, Switzerland passed the Narcotic Drugs Act in 1924 to fulfil its promise to ban cannabis cultivation after signing the International Opium Convention in 1912.

But farmers continued to grow cannabis despite the ban. Throughout the 20th century, Switzerland signed many more international agreements aimed at eradicating cannabis, but none of them were effectively implemented.

The Swiss Federal Offices of Public Health, Police and Agriculture finally approved cannabis production in 1995. The only condition was that cannabis could not be used for narcotic purposes.

As a result of such legislation, Switzerland has a booming and well-regulated cannabis business to this day. Marijuana is no longer illegal and hemp and its derivatives, such as CBD, are completely legal.

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Is it legal to buy CBD in Switzerland?

Although CBD is legal in virtually all European countries, the laws on cannabis use in Switzerland are significantly more progressive and transparent. The legal THC level in Switzerland is 1%, making it the first European country to do so. What is the reason for this?

It so happens that Swiss cannabis specialists and lawmakers opted to increase the THC level because it allows farmers to harvest their plants later. In addition, this also allows high-CBD hemp to reach its full cannabinoid potential.

If you currently live in Switzerland or have the opportunity to visit this country, you can buy CBD oil Switzerland, or choose from hundreds of CBD products, including CBD meals. This is interesting as CBD foods are currently illegal in many European countries under the EU Novel Food Regulation.

Since CBD laws in Switzerland are friendly, you won’t have any problems buying CBD in Switzerland. In addition, it is not difficult to find high quality CBD in Switzerland. The selection is amazing, from CBD cosmetics, tinctures, capsules, foods, drinks, topicals, among many more products.

But even in a country where everything seems to be in order, it is wise to exercise caution. You’re putting your money and your health at risk if you don’t do your homework on brands and their products. There are many respected companies, but there are also shops that have entered the industry solely for the purpose of profit, often with a lack of experience and ethical standards.

So, here’s the best place to buy CBD in Switzerland.

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Where to buy CBD in Switzerland?

Although there are many stores in Switzerland where you can buy CBD oil, you don’t actually have to travel to Switzerland to purchase your products. However, if you are living in Switzerland, and you want to buy quality CBD, your best option is to do it through Higea CBD.

Higea CBD is an online shop where you can find a wide variety of CBD products, including oils, and even anti-inflammatory creams enriched with CBD. In the specific case of oils, they are available in different concentrations.

Therefore, you can buy CBD oil Switzerland in a concentration of 5%, 10%, 20%, and 30%. In addition, Higea CBD uses an extraction method known as supercriticalCO2 which allows us to offer you all the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

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Not only that, all Higea CBD oils are full spectrum. This means that in addition to coming from 100% organic crops, the oils maintain the terpenes responsible for the entourage effect that enhances the effects of CBD.

In addition, these CBD-infused oils provide you with benefits that you won’t find in other similar products. For example, they are all-natural CBD oils, which allow you to control the dosage based on your weight and needs. You can even use only ¾ drops topically to notice the benefits.

Therefore, if you want to buy CBD in Switzerland, we recommend that you go to the Higea CBD online shop and choose from the variety of CBD oils available.

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Switzerland has done an outstanding job in the CBD sector, creating the ideal conditions for both its economy and its citizens. It doesn’t matter if you are a long time CBD user, or you are just starting to learn about it, you can buy CBD in Switzerland of high quality easily, both online and in physical stores.

Because there are so many reliable brands operating in Switzerland, such as Higea CBD, if you get tired of one, you can switch to another and still get wonderful CBD products. Also, the regulations are simple: never buy CBD containing more than 1% THC, as you may get unwanted effects.

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