Alzheimer y cannabinoides

5 benefits of cannabis for the treatment of Alzheimer’s

Cancannabinoids treat Alzheimer’s? We explain the 5 advantages that its use has for this disease. You can also tell if CBD is used for Parkinson’s.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system, which affects the cognitive abilities of the sufferer, reducing the functioning of their memory, language, understanding and even motor skills.

It usually occurs in people over the age of 65 and, as it progresses, ends up making it impossible for the sick person to take care of himself. However, despite the aggressive and limitingness of the disease, today there is no cure.

However, medicine continues to struggle to find alternatives that offer improvements and quality of life to the sick, slowing the progress of the disease and combating the impending deterioration.

And among the alternatives that have recently highlighted are cannabinoids, which have offered good expectations to slow the progress of the disease and claim the full life of patients.
Regarding the top 5 advantages that a cannabis treatment can offer Alzheimer’s, we’ll talk today.

1. CBD and THC can reduce cognitive decline and reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s

How neural networks work, and how the brain’s biochemistry operates, remains a mystery.

Although some findings have already been reached, it is certainly more unknown than what is known.

And among what is known is the fact that reducing age-specific cognitive decline can help reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.

To do this, it is recommended from physical and mental exercise, to continuing to study, and of course, help maintain chemical balance in the brain.

In this sense, one of the ways to enhance biochemical balance, is thanks to the introduction of cannabinoids; such is the case of THC,whose chemical structure resembles brain-specific substances, managing to reactivate endogenous neural circuits.

In addition, CBD in conjunction with THC (as long as it does not exceed a concentration of 0.2%), has recognized deflammatory properties, which favors in cases where Alzheimer’s has already developed.

And, as for their antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, they stimulate neurogenesis.

Alzheimer's cannabinoids

2. Small doses of THC decrease amyloid beta production

Amyloid betas are products generated from the amyloid precursor protein (APP), whose functions, while still uncertain in many respects, appear to be related to neural plasticity (the brain’s ability to adapt to environmentally generated structural changes), as well as synoptic functioning.

But one thing is true: it is known that in the case of Alzheimer’s patients, amyloid beta is accumulated, forming plaques that destroy neural tissue.

And, in search of responding to this pathological behavior of PPP cells, it was decided to study its relationship with the body’s own cannabinoid system, through the interaction between THC and cells.

The results showed that THC works directly on amyloid beta, reducing accumulations and preventing plaque formation.

This showed is that the participation in low doses of this cannabinoid, can decrease the malignant plaques present in the brain with Alzheimer’s.

3. Cannabis responds to Inflammation of Alzheimer’s

Today, it is known that inflammation of neural tissue, is characteristic of different neurodegenerative diseases, as is the case of Alzheimer’s.

In fact, it is thought that the initial inflammation that occurs in the brain as a defense response by the formation of amyloid beta plaques, and other disease-specific abnormalities, can only further enhance the imbalance and precipitate the presentation of symptoms and complications of the condition.

Therefore, research has been inclined to study the best anti-inflammatory drugs available and, among them, has highlighted cannabis.

Taking into account the existence of an endocannabinoid system, it has been known that it is severely altered in the brains of patients deceased by Alzheimer’s.

Therefore, it can be concluded that either the disease ends up deteriorating this system, or it is the failure of this system that leads to the progression of the disease.

This has made it possible to know that the introduction of cannabinoids, acting as anti-inflammatory drugs, could be a good alternative to decrease this emergency mechanism and avoid the complications that precipitate.

cbd alzheimer's oil

4. Cannabis is neuroprotective

We had mentioned to you before the neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids, as well as their antioxidant potential, an element that cannot go unnoticed in a disease like Alzheimer’s.

This type of condition is listed as highly stressful at the oxidative level and, of course, directly related to the inflammation of the tissue by the constant alertness it generates.

This inflammation results in a decrease in the system’s own antioxidant capacity, which is filled with free radicals and unansestended proteins, such as APP.

The latter ends up having a negative impact on the synaptic activity of the brain, which results in the deterioration of cognitive functions, such as memory.

And, although it is not yet very clear the role that the endocannabinoid system can play, it is known that its administration manages to favorably reduce oxidative stress, generating a neuroprotective effect on cells and managing to extend their antioxidant capacity much longer.

Remember, moreover, that we have already talked about the same cannabinoids, reducing the pathological behavior of the APP.

cbd neurogenesis

5. CBD can stimulate neurogenesis

Coupled with its deflating effects, and antioxidants, to CBD cannabinoid, it is attributed the ability to stimulate the growth of new neural tissue– a process known as neurogenesis.

In the case of Alzheimer’s, a devastating combination of tissue destruction and neurogenesis arrest occurs, which ends up annihilating the patient’s chances of regaining his faculties.

Therefore, the possibility of enhancing the capacity of tissue growth could help to cope with the deterioration that progresses in the disease.

Studies have suggested that cannabidiol may induce this process thanks, among other things, to its ability to interact with amyloid beta and reduce its reactivity.

thc cbd neurogenesis

Alzheimer’s and Cannabinoids: The Race Continues

Considering how devastating Alzheimer’s disease can be, he continues the race for more and better alternatives, which can offer quality of life, improvement and even a cure to patients.

And cannabinoids seem to light the way to possible therapeutics that make the way easier and easier for patients’ lives.

If you have a family member who has unfortunately Alzheimer’s, in our store we have the right products.

Ask us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

What other advantages do you think cannabis has over Alzheimer’s?

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