CBD for Parkinson's

Find out how CBD can help with Parkinson’s

Did you know that CBD oil has great benefits for parkinson? Do you want to know more: We explain it to you right now.

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disease that affects the part of the brain near the part that controls motor skills.

This causes affected patients to suffer from tremors, slowness or poor control over the movement of the lower and upper extremities, muscle stiffness, multiple pains, difficulty sleeping and loss of balance as more frequent symptoms.

Parkinson’s disease that affects men in greater proportion also has a significant emotional impact on those who have Parkinson’s disease.

Patients are very affected that they see how they gradually lose quality of life and become dependent people.

Symptoms usually begin to develop around the age of sixty. While there is no cure for the disease, according to the testimonies of Parkinson’s patients, CBD oil has been an ally for the control and relief of symptoms.

Thanks to CBD, Parkinson’s sufferers can significantly improve their quality of life without suffering from the unpleasant side effects that common medications produce to treat neurological disorders.

Cannabis oil to treat Parkinson’s is a natural form that helps patients mitigate symptoms and slow their progression, allowing them to lead a normal life and rely to a lesser extent on other people.

What causes Parkinson’s

As far as research and studies have been known, those with Parkinson’s disease suffer from considerable neuronal impairment. Much of these neurons are responsible for producing dopamine.

Among the neurotransmitters present in the human brain, dopamine fulfills the function of exchanging information between neurons.

This exchange of information makes it possible for us to have control over our movements and emotions.

With the loss of dopamine-producing neurons, the person begins to experience a reduction in their mobility, loss of balance, loss of facial expressions, tremors in the limbs, especially in the hands and impossibility to perform rapid movements.

In addition to physical symptoms, the Parkinson’s patient also experiences other symptoms such as depression, insomnia, fear or manifestations of dementia to name a few.

Those who have tried CBD oil therapies for Parkinson’s have shown a decrease in symptoms.

cbd for parkinson

How CBD works to treat Parkinson's

CBD interacts with endocannabinoid system receptors in particular to the one known as GPR6 which is a protein-coupled receptor; in this way it stimulates dopamine production.

As a result, CBD slows the process of progression of Parkinson’s disease, thereby less obvious symptoms and easier to cope.

In preclinical studies, it has been found that CBD is a very effective antioxidant that also has neuroprotective properties.

This is of great value for people with various neurological disorders.

On the other hand, CBD not only helps improve motor skills, but also helps control states of depression and anxiety.

Adding to this its analgesic properties, consuming cannabidiol to relieve Parkinson’s symptoms contributes to patients’s comprehensive improvement.

As a result, many people find in CBD oil a great ally to cope with the effects of Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

About CBD for Parkinson’s and people’s testimonies

Because cannabis cultivation and consumption is still restricted in most countries, there is little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of CBD use to mitigate Parkinson’s symptoms.

However, many people have consumed CBD over the years to control states of depression, anxiety and insomnia.

As a result, many Parkinson’s patients can testify to the benefits of cannabidiol to decrease the intensity of symptoms.

Those who have consumed CBD since the early stages of the disease have been able to benefit from its neuroprotective property by slowing the effects of Parkinson’s on motor skills and cognitive abilities.

cannabis oil for parkinson dosages

CBD Oil: A Hope for Parkinson’s Patients

Although CBD does not cure Parkinson’s disease, it does significantly improve the quality of life of those with Parkinson’s disease.

Cannabidiol helps attenuate symptoms that affect control over the limbs, motor skills and unpleasant hand tremors.

It also allows Parkinson’s patients to manage the negative emotional states of neurodegenerative diseases and those according to their testimonies also help them fight insomnia.

There is still research and research that can support the effectiveness of CBD for Parkinson’s patients, and we are confident that thanks to the multiple testimonies of those currently consuming it, the medical-scientific community will invest effort and resources to obtain consistent data.

According to the experience of Parkinson’s patients CBD has helped them improve their quality of life and to rely less on their loved ones.

This results in improved self-esteem, mood and general condition of the person.

parkinson cannabis oil

Cannabis oil and parkinson

CBD oil is a natural product that does not have the psychoactive effect of THC and, those who consume it, rarely experience side effects.

Maintaining a state of calm and having better control over themselves has helped many people better cope with a disease as difficult as Parkinson’s disease.

We are confident that clinical studies and documented evidence applied to Parkinson’s disease patients will not be expected and soon be a therapeutic alternative that is available to more people around the world.

There are many patients benefiting from their consumption; thanks to CBD they can lead a quiet and happier life with less suffering. And what’s better: naturally and without suffering side effects.

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