What percentage of CBD oil is right for me?

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If you are using CBD for the first time, you may have trouble determining its potency just by looking at the label. No doubt you may be wondering:what is the right percentage of CBD oil for me?

In fact, many users of CBD products have experienced this inconvenience. Suddenly they realize that after a few weeks of use, they are not getting any benefit. Perhaps the product did not have the potency indicated on the label.

Novice users, in particular, may have difficulty determining the percentage of CBD in the oil from label information alone. It does not always involve simply reading a number of milligrams.

In this article we will tell you what percentage of CBD in the oil is the most suitable for you. We will also help you understand what the numbers on the label really mean.

Milligrams of CBD does not equal potency.

We will talk more about the percentage of CBD in the oil later on. First, it is important to clarify that milligrams of CBD alone do not equate to the potency or concentration of CBD oil.

What sometimes puzzles CBD users about the milligram amounts is that they believe it indicates the concentration of the product. However, this is not the case, especially if you measure your doses by number of drops.

From what we have discovered, most people measure CBD doses in drops. This means it is critical to know the true strength of the CBD product you are using.

This is due to the fact that there is another factor to consider: the volume of the product packaging. Very few people realize this, but CBD oil is marketed in a variety of bottle sizes.

For example, on the market you can find CBD bottles of 10 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml and even 100 ml.

percentage cbd oil

The volume of the CBD bottle is critical.

To better understand the importance of volume, let us consider the following. Suppose you buy two bottles of CBD oil. One bottle indicates on the label, 10 ml with 1000 mg. The other bottle is 20 ml, with 1000 mg. Although both bottles contain the same amount of CBD, they actually have different concentrations. Drop by drop, the concentration of the 20 ml bottle represents only half the concentration of the 10 ml bottle. It is true that both bottles contain the same amount of cannabinoids in general.

However, if you measure your doses in drops, you will only get half the amount of CBD if you use 5 drops from the 20ml bottle, compared to 5 drops from the 10ml size bottle. In other words, the same amount of CBD has been diluted in a much larger volume of carrier oil. This results in a lower concentration of CBD in each drop.

Surely this is all very confusing. So, what is the right CBD concentration for you? We need to consider another parameter, which is the percentage, and that in Higea CBD oils appears on the label.

The percentage of CBD in oil is what really tells you the concentration.

The concentration, or the true measure of the potency of each drop in CBD oil, is represented by the percentage shown on the label.

Following the example above, 1000 mg of CBD in a 10 ml bottle is equivalent to a 10% concentration. As a result, 1000 mg in a 20 ml bottle of oil has a concentration of 5%. This means that it is only half as potent as the 10% drop-by-drop oil, yet it contains the same 1000 mg of CBD.

However, in the market you can find CBD oils with “2.75%” and “275 mg of CBD per 10 ml” on the label. In these cases, the CBD concentration in the carrier oil is 2.75%. Therefore, the full 10 ml bottle contains 275 mg of CBD.

what percentage of cbd in oil

What percentage of CBD in oil is best?

When determining the potency of a CBD oil, the percentage concentration is significantly more important than the overall milligram total. Therefore, if you buy a 2000 mg bottle of CBD, you will no doubt think it is a very potent oil.

This perception is correct, as long as you are talking about a 10 ml bottle, but not so much if you are talking about a 100 ml bottle. In the first case, the CBD concentration is 20%, while in the second case the concentration is only 2%.

what is the percentage of cbd in oil?

Therefore, if you already calculate your doses considering the exact milligrams of CBD you consume, you don’t have to worry about percentages. That is, you will only have to adjust your dosage, buying stronger or weaker CBD oils, consuming a smaller or larger volume of the product.

Most people, however, measure their doses in drops, droppers or milliliters. Consequently, if you do it this way, you must take into account the concentration percentage.

If you don’t, you could consume more or less CBD in milligrams than you planned. As mentioned above, the mg rating of a product is usually the total amount of cannabinoids in the product.

percentage of cbd in oil

Beware of what the label says

Finally, it is important to carefully analyze the label of CBD products. For example, it is possible that a 1000 mg/10% CBD oil contains 600 mg of CBD and 400 mg of CBDa, and not the 1000 mg of CBD.
This is a crucial aspect, as other cannabinoids, such as CBDa, have significantly fewer scientifically validated advantages than CBD.

Therefore, if you are used to an oil containing 1000 mg of CBD, with 10% concentration, the product in the example above may not give you the health benefits you expect.

To avoid any confusion, Higea CBD always provides the total amount of CBD in the bottles, so you always know how much CBD you are consuming: 1000 mg of CBD will always be 1000 mg of CBD with our products.

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