Creativity and CBD

When we are exhausted, we get blocked in our creativity

Many professions require us to constantly exploit our creativity and it is normal that as creators we often feel exhausted or suffer from creativity blocks. It is almost impossible to avoid these situations, but if we manage to analyze the problem and detect where our blockage of creativity comes from, we can deal with the root of the problem step by step and get out of the situation much sooner. Among other home remedies for extra creativity, a dose of CBD oil may help you unleash your imagination. Then let’s try to understand why.

What is creative thinking?

Creative thinking is the ability to see things in a new way. For example, a new approach to solving a problem, a new metric for analyzing a data set, or a new combination of musical chords. It is about the whole process that our mind carries out in order to get a point of view that has not been contemplated before in any field you can imagine: from a scientific laboratory to an art workshop.

divergent thinking

What is divergent and convergent thinking?

When solving a problem you are likely to use one of these two cognitive approaches without even realizing it. In 1956 the psychologist JP Guilford defined convergent and divergent thinking as two opposite approaches to finding the solution to a problem.

Convergent thinking

It is characterized by analyzing multiple ideas and synthesizing them into a single solution. It is a very focused and solution-oriented thinking that requires concentration, methodology and order.

Divergent thinking

It is characterized by its structure of connections. Through divergent thinking our mind connects ideas and expands a whole network of possible solutions to a problem. In divergent thinking any solution to a problem is valid, even if it lacks logical pillars. Despite the fact that divergent thinking is associated with children and the child stage of creative development, divergent thinking is today an increasingly valued quality in the business world as the ease with which new ideas and solutions are generated creates added value.

When it comes to team problem solving it is of great value to have members who contribute both convergent and divergent points of view because each stage of resolution will require one approach or another.

What does dopamine have to do with creativity and divergent thinking?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter present mainly in the brain whose functions are related to memory, reward systems, attention, mood and learning among others. It is segregated especially in pleasant moments and stimulates the search for the activities that make it segregate. Most drugs are additive as they stimulate the secretion of dopamine and inhibit its reabsorption. Dopamine is closely related to mood, many depression problems are caused by a lack of dopamine. The relationship between dopamine and creativity goes in both directions: when we are in a creative moment we secrete dopamine, doesn’t it make you happy to feel creative? On the other hand the increase in dopamine levels for whatever reason also makes us more creative. In addition, if we suffer from low levels of dopamine we will notice that our creativity is fading.

crisis of creativity

How can CBD help us in a crisis of creativity?

For generations we have heard testimonies about people who have used cannabis or marijuana to stimulate their creativity, inspiration and emotional sensitivity in order to create. While it is true that THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that causes the brain to secrete more dopamine in the short term, experimental evidence suggests that CBD also has a stimulating effect on dopamine production. At the moment it is not understood exactly how it happens, but it is suspected that it has to do with the blood flow in the frontal lobe of our brain. In any case, cannabis with THC content is on the one hand illegal and on the other hand psychoactive and with effects that are not desired by some users. By isolating CBD into a THC-free byproduct we can avoid such unwanted symptoms and enjoy many of the benefits that THC offers that can address our creativity problem.

creativity cbd

Anxiety and depressive disorders

Anxiety is one of the problems associated with creative dysfunction. Pathologies such as anxiety and depression that affect our levels of dopamine and serotonin can cause creative blocks. If this is the case for you, CBD could help relieve anxiety to unleash your creative power.

Lack of concentration

The stress of everyday life and the problems around us can lead to problems related to our concentration. To illuminate creative thinking, concentration is crucial. Some CBD users report a higher concentration after using cannabidiol oils.

Stress and insomnia

Both stress and lack of or poor quality sleep directly affect our neurotransmitters and our ability to think creatively. CBD is a great sleep aid so you can use a few drops of CBD oil to improve your quality of sleep to wake up full of creativity the next morning.

cbd creative thinking

The scientific link between CBD and creative thinking

Some studies indicate that when you consume CBD, blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain increases. This effect has also been observed in people who are scientifically classified as creative compared to individuals who obtain low levels of creativity. The frontal lobe of your brain is responsible for creative thinking, planning and problem solving.

The brain communicates with itself through the use of complex chemicals that are usually carried in the blood. As blood flow increases, your brain can think faster and expand the range of topics you think about.

When your brain experiences this increased blood flow through the use of CBD, it is functioning more efficiently and with greater flexibility. This is mainly why many cannabis users claim to have much more creative experiences when using cannabis.

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