What does CBD taste like?

If you have not yet tried CBD oil you may have doubts about its taste, aroma and texture. As with any medicine we are going to put in our mouths, it is normal that we are curious about how it will taste, especially if we are going to have to keep it in our mouth for several seconds. Another question you may have is whether the people around you will be able to smell that you have just consumed a few drops of CBD oil. We all know the characteristic smell of marijuana and it’s easy to identify when someone is smoking it, but what does CBD oil smell and taste like? Do all CBD oils taste the same?

What does CBD taste like?


CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids contained in cannabis. Cannabinoids isolated from the rest of the plant have no aroma or taste. However, it is rare to find a totally pure CBD product.

To turn it into a more bioavailable product and preserving its benefits a conductive oil is added which can vary from coconut oil which has a mild, olive flavour which is more bitter and intense to Neutral-flavored MBT oil but like all oils participates in a better absorption of CBD by our body.

On the other hand, depending on the method of extraction of the CBD to which the product has been subjected, it will or will not retain its natural terpenes. Terpenes are the ones that give the natural and original aroma to the hemp plant.

Finally, as a general rule, the process of decarboxylation of hemp to activate its cannabinoids also removes some of the chlorophyll, the taste of which is bitter and undesirable. In any case, if your oil comes from a producer who has omitted this process for some reason or has extracted the oil from a very young crop without maturing or curing your oil will have more chlorophyll content and therefore a more bitter taste.

In summary, the smell and taste of your CBD oil will depend on which conductive oil it carries and whether the terpenes and flavonoids have been preserved in its extraction method.

Full spectrum oils like the ones we sell in Higea CBD keep those terpenes and flavonoids so we will find all those nuances and original aromas of the cannabis plant.

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The aromas of the cannabis plant

All vegetables have a characteristic smell. Hemp is in fact a very fragrant plant that stands out for its powerful and distinctive smell. Its various aromas and nuances depend directly on the genetics (the strain) of the plant. This is because in addition to cannabinoids, cannabis contains various terpenes. These are one of the main components in all plants and their functions in nature are related to their protection and reproduction.

The terpenes found in both male (hemp) and female (marijuana) cannabis plants are the following:

Myrcene: An intense odor also found in hops, wizard and lemongrass.

The classic pine scent found in pine leaves, basil, dill or thyme.

Caryophyllene: Spicy and pungent aroma also found in black pepper, cloves and cinnamon.

This terpene is the one that gives the characteristic aroma to citrus fruits and it is also found in juniper, thyme and lemongrass.

Terpiolene: This terpene has a mild fruity aroma and can be found in nutmeg, cumin and tea tree.

The taste changes according to the variety of cannabis

On the other hand, the flavonoids that are maintained in the oil of CBD full spectrum are those that give the characteristic color to the flowers of the plants having as natural functions those of filtration of the light, to regulate the cellular cycle and even to attract insects for the reproduction of the plant. Although they have no aroma, if they are present in your CBD oil you will notice it by its coloration.

Different strains of cannabis contain different proportions of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. In fact, you can tell the THC and CBD content of a plant by its aroma. Paying attention to the smell of the plant many people would know how to distinguish the strains indica from sativas predicting its effect. If in the flowers you perceive typical smells of myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene you will probably be looking at a strain with a high CBD (Indica) content and therefore with a medicinal and relaxing effect. If you detect intense aromas associated with limonene or terpiolene it will be a strain with more THC content (Sativa) and therefore with a more euphoric and psychoactive effect associated with recreational marijuana and the “high”.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the taste of CBD oils

Does CBD oil smell like marijuana?

If it is a Full Spectrum CBD oil it will have a slight smell of marijuana (hemp) which is imperceptible if the bottle is closed.

Is CBD Full Spectrum oil bitter?

Yes, it has a slight bitter, earthy taste that you will notice once you swallow it after it has spent 90 seconds under your tongue (where there are no taste buds). In any case, is not unpleasant and disappears immediately with a good drink of water.


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If I take CBD oil will people around me think I smoked marijuana?

No. The taste you will notice is not strong enough to emanate once you have swallowed the CBD oil. However, if you find it unpleasant, you can help yourself by taking a few sips of water to remove it completely from your mouth.

Can narcotics dogs detect a bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil?

In principle, these dogs are trained to find substances like marijuana with their sense of smell. As mentioned above, although cannabinoids do not have a characteristic aroma, the terpenes associated with the contents of each cannabinoid do have an odour. This is why dogs will detect substances with high THC content that are illegal. In any case, in Spain it is legal to have in possession CBD, always remember to travel with the original bottle and the invoice to avoid conflicts.

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I will test positive in an
anti-cannabis saliva test
if I have just consumed Full Spectrum CBD oil?

No. Again the substance you are looking for in your saliva is THC and not CBD. If your CBD oil contains the legal THC margin (<0.2%) you will not test positive.

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