How to store CBD oil

Here’s how to store CBD oil to last as long as possible

Once we have started our treatment with CBD oil and have unsealed and uncovered it, we may have doubts about how to store it properly so that it retains all its properties. Can CBD oil be put in the fridge? Shall I leave it on a bookshelf? Each of these options will play a critical role in the life of the contents of your CBD oil bottle.

Higea CBD oils are packaged in small glass jars with a screw-on pipette that also functions as an airtight stopper. In this way we try to avoid contamination with other substances on the one hand thanks to the use of pipette that will dispense the precise amount of oil with the minimum contact and also thanks to the insulation of the airtight cap. It is very important to keep the bottle clean and not to suck or put in contact with our body or other food the components of the bottle with which the oil “coexists”. If any microorganism were to be introduced it could ruin some of the properties of our CBD oil.

Another factor to consider when storing your CBD oil bottle is not to expose it to direct natural light. That is, don’t put it near a window or outdoors in a place where the sun shines.

Finally, you should be careful not to expose your CBD oil to high temperatures. Keep away from heat sources either the area where you cook, near radiators or heaters, etc…

Does CBD oil get bad or expire?


The CBD extraction method plays an important role in your future life. Undoubtedly the super-cryptic CO2 method with which Higea extracts all the essential oil from cannabis is optimal to ensure that the product is not perishable under normal conditions by keeping it in any cabinet in our house. Once opened CBD Oil Higea can last up to 24 months without losing its qualities or aroma if carefully preserved. However, it is recommended not to keep it for more than 12 months since it was unsealed.

how to store CBD oil

Can we store CBD oil in the fridge?

CBD oil does not require refrigeration for proper conservation. However it is not sensitive to low temperatures and if you keep it inside the refrigerator you will make sure that it does not suffer any heat stroke. You can store it in the fridge considering that its density will change due to the lower temperature. Don’t panic if this happens, the oil is in good condition. But it is possible that if you need to consume CBD oil as soon as you take it out of the fridge it is a little harder to dose it because due to the low temperature it will be less liquid and denser. In this case, warm it up for a few minutes in your hands (you don’t use a microwave or a direct heat source) and it will quickly regain its liquid state. Therefore, although the refrigerator is a perfectly correct place to store CBD oil it is not recommended if you are going to consume it directly, just take it out of the refrigerator. We only recommend storing CBD in the fridge during the hot summer months.

conserve cbd oil

What is the best way to conserve CBD oil?

  • Close the glass bottle properly and conscientiously so that it is fully airtight.
  • Make sure you don’t contaminate content directly or indirectly under any circumstances. If the pipette has come into contact with your mouth or other foods or surfaces that may be contaminated, we recommend that you wash it thoroughly before re-inserting it into the bottle.
  • Find a place where there are no sudden changes in light or temperature (the pantry or spice cabinet is usually good places to store your CBD oil bottle).
  • Always place the bottle carefully, so that it is standing and in a place where it is not at risk of impact or falling to the ground (remember that the bottle is made of glass).
  • Keep it somewhere out of reach of children.

Use common sense and remember the three basic rules of CBD oil preservation:

  1. Avoid light.
  2. Avoid heat.
  3. Keep it from airing.
cbd storage

What if I have a bottle of CBD oil that I bought a year ago stored in the closet?

If the bottle is sealed and new you only have to check the expiry date indicated by the manufacturer that is normally printed or sealed on the same label of the carton. As we have already mentioned, under normal conditions cannabis oils can retain their properties even for up to 2 years. If it has been open for more than a year we recommend that you examine it both visually and checking its aromas. In case you notice any abnormalities, you shouldn’t consume it. If on the contrary you think that it has not undergone any change in its appearance and aroma, we recommend trying a very small dose and checking its effect on the body little by little.

In any case, CBD oil will not become a toxic substance but it will lose its properties and aroma so it will not maintain its properties.

cannabis oil storage

Cannabis oil storage

It is not common that, during a cannabis oil treatment, you will have to store each bottle for long periods as it contains more or less the doses corresponding to about 3 months of use.

The life of CBD oils is long, follow the instructions and tips we have given you in this article and enjoy all the properties of Higea full spectrum CBD oil for a long time.

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