Cannabidiol and epilepsy

CBD and its effects in patients with epilepsy

Cannabidiol be used to undermine the effects of epilepsy? Of course, this is a compound that offers you incredible advantages to help you manage seizures.

Unfortunately, epilepsy attacks in the world are on the rise and this is a somewhat awkward condition, as it occurs in those who have sudden uncontrollable seizures or body movements.

However, there is also good news: because there are very good alternative medicines, they help reduce the terrible effects of epilepsy.

And that’s where cannabidiol comes in: a chemical that has proven to be very effective in relieving the symptoms of epilepsy.

All because epilepsy and cannabinoids don’t get along very well, and these elements “cannabinoids” help improve your body’s health and counteract epilepsy.

Want to know how much cannabidiolcan help you with epilepsy ? Well, here we’ll reveal it to you, so stay with us and read this article to the end.

What makes Cannabidiol so good against epilepsy?

Cannabidiol (CBD)is a compound that has proven to be very useful as a natural medicine for various ills that threaten today’s society, how about we expose some of its benefits?

As mentioned earlier, cannabidiol can lessen the symptoms of epilepsy,thanks to the incredible ability of CBD as an anticonvulsant.

Did you know that epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder? Good thing CBD is also a neuroprotective.

Therefore, it helps you maintain good brain health, thus reducing epilepsy seizures.

But it’s also an excellent anti-inflammatory. It is able to decrease neuroinflamation related to epilepsy.

In addition, it can significantly improve GABA activity in your brain, which is responsible for decreasing the electrical activity of your brain.

Finally, CBD helps modulate receptors found in the human brain that control various brain activities: TRPV, VDAC, GPR55.

epilepsy and cannabinoids

What positive results has cannabidiol had against epilepsy?

Today, medical specialists who are in charge of serving people with this condition have noticed that more and more requests are coming to use: marijuana, cannabidiol or cannabis oil.

Because products or articles containing cannabidiol (CBD), they have given impressive results against epilepsy.

One of these studies consists of a meta-analysis, recently carried out by some specialists in the sector.

The study involved nearly 700 people suffering from different forms of epilepsy. The data you’ll see below is impressive

Results obtained from the study

Of the users who took full spectrum extracts with high CBD content,71% experienced a considerable decrease in the frequency of seizures.

About 40% of the users who participated in this study had a 50% decrease in their seizures.

And in the same way, 25% of the total population of this study, showed a much more dramatic decrease of 70% in its epilepsy episodes.

But there’s still more interesting facts. At the end of the study, one in 10 of the group members had no epileptic seizures.

With this it has been proven, the wonderful effects that CBD has to reduce and alleviate seizures.

So we can say that the consumption of CBD-based products,can improve the quality of life of those who suffer from this condition.

However, it is important to clarify that at no time has CBD been able to cure epilepsy.

cannabidiol and epilepsy

Tips for making the most of Cannabidiol

Here are a few tips we offer you to get the most out of cannabidiol:

Number 1: Heavy metal-free products

Be sure to look for good quality products like the ones we offer in our store. This saves yourself the hassle of tainting yourself with pesticides or heavy metals,and prevents your epilepsy from getting worse.

Number 2: Find your ideal CBD dosage

So you can find your ideal dose, start with a low dose and increase as you feel epilepsy symptoms are decreasing.

Number 3: Use CBD full spectrum oil

For greater effectiveness, use full spectrum extracts. As you’ve seen in the study above, these extracts are better than isolated or purified CBDproducts.

Number 4: Keep the CBD dose

To get better effects against epilepsy use CBD very often. Because in this way, the effects will be more pronounced.

Number 5: Combines CBD with other treatments

Adding a good ketogenic diet, exercising regularly and making CBD combinations with other antiepileptic treatmentsis also a great idea.

If you follow these tips appropriately, using cannabidiol to deal with your epilepsy will be much more effective and you will get better results.

cannabidiol epilepsy

Is it legal to be able to use Cannabidiol in Spain?

The following words have a relationship with the Law Cannabidiol Epilepsy Spain. Yes, in Spain you can buy CBD or cannabidiol in a 100% legal way.

All thanks to its incredible properties as natural medicine. In fact, multiple products have been created based on this element by specialists.

Moreover, WHO says that the use of cannabidiol is safe and does not cause side effects. Rather, it can help you a lot with the care of your good health and reduce the symptoms of many conditions.

So you have nothing to worry about in this regard. Actually, you just need to care that wherever you’re going to buy your cannabidiol, it’s a store that sells high quality CBD-based products.

epilepsy higea cbd

Where can you buy cannabidiol for epilepsy?

In our shop you can find the best CBD-based products from all over the Spanish market, at a very affordable price and with a wide range of the best brands to choose the one that suits you best.

We only have at your disposal certified products with high quality standards, because we only want you to have the best CBD-based products.

The purchase process is fast, easy and very simple. So don’t wait any longer, just select the cannabidiol of your favorite brand, buy it and start enjoying all the benefits it has to offer against epilepsy.


Potential clinical benefits of CBD-rich cannabis extracts on CBD purified in treatment-resistant epilepsy: meta-analysis of observation data.

Fabricio A. Pamplona, Lorenzo Rolim da Silva and Ana Carolina Coan

Entourage Phytolab, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bedrocan Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil

Posted online: September 12, 2018

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