Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil

Because there are so many cannabis-based products available, there is some confusion between hemp seed oil and CBD-enriched oil. This is because hemp oil is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its high protein and healthy fat content.

As a result, both oils are considered good for health and physical well-being. It is also important to understand that both hemp oil and CBD oil are produced from hemp, i.e. the fibre that is extracted from cannabis.

Difference between hemp oil and CBD oil

Although people sometimes think of hemp oil and CBD oil as the same thing, there is actually a very important difference. In other words, the main difference between these types of oils is their chemical composition. While CBD oil is a rich source of terpenes and cannabinoids, hemp oil contains no cannabinoids.

However, none of this means that hemp oil does not offer health benefits. In fact, it is known to be a rich source of nutrients, so it is often used as a supplement in a balanced and healthy diet.

hemp oil properties

Hemp oil properties

It is important to note that hemp seed oil does not have the scientific potential that CBD oil offers. Because it does not contain cannabinoids, hemp oil does not produce the same results. Despite this, hemp oil properties are excellent for health.

Suffice it to say that hemp oil contains more than 30% fat. In addition, these seeds are also a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This means that the seeds provide a high energy content of vegetable origin. And that’s not all, 25% of its total calories are from protein.

Hemp oil contains vitamin E, phosphorus, and potassium.

Another great property of hemp seed oil is its high vitamin E content. It is known that for every 100 grams of hemp seed oil, there are 6 mg of vitamin E. Thanks to the fact that this vitamin is fat-soluble, it helps to keep cholesterol in balance.

In addition, hemp seed oil helps fight free radicals, keeps skin healthy and balances hormones. Moreover, seed oil also contains phosphorus. In fact, per 100 grams of seeds, the phosphorus content is 1,100 mg. Phosphorus is important for health because it contributes to cognitive function, detoxification, bone maintenance, and increased energy levels.

As for the potassium intake, for every 10 grams of hemp seeds, you get 900 mg of potassium. This is practically half of the recommended daily intake of 2,000 mg. Among the most important health benefits of potassium are the relief of anxiety and stress, heart disease, and kidney problems.

It is worth mentioning that black seed oil also contains magnesium. In fact, for every 100 grams of magnesium, you get 450 mg of magnesium. Magnesium is important in our body because it increases energy levels, fights anxiety, relieves muscle pain, and even prevents migraines.

Additionally, these seeds also contain vitamin B1 and B2. On the one hand, vitamin B1 supports the health of the nervous system, skin, hair, eyes and mouth. In the case of vitamin B2, it contributes to energy production.

properties of cbd oil

Properties of CBD oil

As for the properties of CBD oil, the most important thing is that this cannabinoid influences the CB1 and CB2 receptors. It also positively affects serotonin receptors, vanilloids, as well as different molecular targets.

therapeutic properties of CBD
include anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antipsychotic, analgesic, and antitumor. Thanks to this, CBD is used in the treatment of multiple diseases, including epilepsy, anxiety, psychosis, and even neurodegenerative diseases.

hemp oil spanish

How is hemp seed oil produced?

In the production of hemp seed oil, also known as Spanish hemp oil, the only thing that is done is the pressing of the seeds. Afterwards, the seeds are cleaned and passed through an oilseed press to obtain the oil. At this point approximately 49% of the oil is extracted from the weight of the seeds.

Cold pressing is often used because in this way the hemp oil retains a greater amount of natural benefits. In addition, the unrefined oil obtained has a green hue and a nutty flavour. After the oil is refined, it loses most of its color and flavor.

How is CBD oil produced?

If you want to produce high quality CBD oil, it is essential to extract it with the utmost care. Up to three extraction methods can be used in this case, including solvent extraction, olive oil extraction, and CO2 extraction.

The production of CBD oil using theCO2 extraction process involves passing carbon dioxide through a hemp. This is done in order to extract the CBD, which is considered the best method, because all the natural properties are obtained.

hemp seed oil and cbd

Can hemp seed oil and CBD oil be combined?

While it is true that CBD oil and seed oil have different properties, it is not uncommon for them to be combined. In this sense it is worth mentioning that with theCO2 extraction method we obtain a final product similar to a raw CBD paste, but of high quality.

This paste is combined with a carrier oil, which produces CBD oil. Normally the most commonly used carrier oil is olive oil. However, this paste can also be combined with hemp oil to produce a hemp oil that also contains CBD.

Hemp oil with CBD therefore combines all the advantages of both hemp and CBD. That is, the power of cannabidiol and all the nutritional value provided by hemp seeds, but it has a very strong flavor and therefore in most formulations is used as a carrier oil, MCT oil (or coconut oil), whose nutrients are very potent and whose taste is much more pleasant.

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