Difference between full spectrum CBD and isolated CBD

Do you know the difference between full spectrum CBD oil and isolated CBD oil?

We can tell you that both cannabis oils are very common and have certain similarities, since they come from the same plant. However, they are fundamentally different in their medicinal properties.

We will now discuss more details about these hemp oils and how they differ from each other.

Full spectrum CBD oil

This oil stands out especially for its extraction process. When producing full-spectrum CBD oil, there are different extraction methods, but the supercritical CO2 extraction process is used more often. In addition to cannabidiol, other active ingredients of cannabis remain in the extract. About 120 bioactive substances are known to be contained in hemp, and these are called cannabinoids.

Continuing with the extraction process, the oil is cold filtered. In this process, all unwanted substances are filtered out.

The next step is decarboxylation, where cannabis molecules such as CBDa, THCa are converted into their active form CBD and THC.

When smoking a joint with marijuana, this conversion process occurs automatically as the pot is burned. But, in the case of CBD oils, extraction in the laboratory has to help release the bioactive ingredients.

The extract of CBD when it is a full spectrum oil contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and other plant substances such as terpenes, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins, which have been extracted from the cannabis plant.

Therefore, the actual full-spectrum products also have a small amount of THC. Here, manufacturers ensure that the legal THC threshold is not exceeded. This ensures that ingestion does not trigger any psychoactive effects that may alter the mind and thus the product can be legally purchased.

Full spectrum oils are interesting for all those users who expect the best possible benefit after use by obtaining what is known as the entourage effect, since the different cannabinoids interact with each other to give the best possible result.

Full spectrum CBD extract

Researchers discovered some years ago that the interaction of different cannabinoids in combination with other plant substances in hemp could enhance the medicinal effect.

Therefore, they describe the supposed active ingredient complex as the end-effect. The full spectrum CBD oil is characterized by its wide therapeutic range, as it contains all the active ingredients of cannabis.

cbd zero thc oil

Isolated CBD oil (CBD crystals)

Isolated CBD oil is characterized by its content of pure CBD. Isolated CBD is usually extracted by burning the cannabis leaves with alcohols, since no attempt is made to preserve the remaining cannabinoids and more aggressive techniques than supercritical CO2 extraction can be used.

In this case, the product is distilled in a similar way to alcohol. After this process, a white powder will result, consisting of approximately 99% of pure CBD. These residues are also known as CBD crystals.

The rest consists of traces of plant material that could not be removed in the distillation. During the extraction process, special care is taken to ensure that all other active ingredients of cannabis are filtered as thoroughly as possible, except for cannabidiol.

Isolated CBD oil is different from other products, mainly because it has no taste or smell. At the same time, there is no THC in the isolated CBD, nor the rest of the cannabinoids, so by taking it, you do not benefit from the entourage effect. This THC-free variant of CBD oil mainly appeals to users who want safe consumption, either because they prefer the active ingredient of pure CBD or because they do not wish to come into contact with THC for other reasons. However, researchers assume that the medicinal effect is less pronounced than that obtained from full-spectrum oil.

Therefore, CBD crystals as cannabidiol isolated in pure substance have a great advantage. Because the powder form makes it easier for you to dose the crystals. This is why insulated CBD glass is often used as the basis for manufacturing other CBD products.

The right CBD oil for you

Now you have a good overview of the different forms of CBD oil, so we will give you some interesting tips.

When should you choose Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum oils?

Using a full-spectrum extract to help with medical conditions is usually a good decision. It acts on a wide range of ailments, all through various cannabinoids and valuable ingredients.

The entourage effect can also achieve a better result than with each individual tissue. Terpenes alone are a real health benefit.

Therefore, fighting the symptoms can be on the right side with full spectrum extract. In addition, the side effects of this form of CBD processing are probably also much less.


In the case of Higea CBD, our Broad Spectrum CBD oils are double filtered to remove waxes and chlorophylls, maintaining terpenes and a wide variety of cannabinoids.

cbd broad spectrum oil

How can I distinguish full-spectrum extracts from CBD isolates?

Many companies only disclose the content of CBD and avoid making direct statements about the amount or content of other cannabinoids.

The transparency of companies is very different in the market, as many want to avoid the designation of a specific isolate. If you can’t find any information on this topic directly from a manufacturer, you can view test results from independent laboratories by doing a Google search.

To do this, simply add “certificate of analysis” to the search, after the manufacturer’s name.

Next, you should look for the manufacturer’s website where they published the lab results. Otherwise, we recommend that you choose another manufacturer for your desired purchase.

In Higea CBD we show in each product sheet its laboratory test, where you can check that in addition to CBD, they also contain CBDA, the original CBD of the plant and that thanks to our careful processes of supercritical CO2 extraction and subsequent filtering, we managed to keep a part of that original CBDA, along with other terpenes and cannabinoids.

cbd extract full spectrum

Full spectrum CBD extract and isolated CBD have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Before making a purchase, you should definitely inform yourself about it, compare it with your needs and only then decide on a specific product.

Also, make sure you pay attention to the quality of the products and the controlled organic cultivation of the raw materials.

These questions may be important in choosing the right purchase decision for you:

  • Do you want to mix the CBD product with other products?
  • Do you know the taste of hemp and like it?
  • What price are you willing to pay?
  • Is the exact amount of CBD important to you?
benefits oil cbd broad spectrum

Remember that you will benefit most from CBD, when the active ingredient is present in its natural context and the entourage effect is guaranteed. Unfortunately, an isolate cannot reflect this, but it also has its own advantages.

Despite all this, each organism reacts individually to an isolate or a full-spectrum extract, which means that the dose usually has to be adapted to each person.

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