Types of marijuana: Uses and effects

All the information about the varieties that exist

Would you like to know all the types of marijuana that exist and the effects they have on the human body? There are numerous scientific studies on CBD and its properties.

The most popular form of cannabis is marijuana. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are various types of marijuana known for their different uses and effects.

For millennia, it has been used for medicinal purposes. Today, something has changed.

Today, it is used as a recreational drug and also as a method to combat the effects produced by some ailments.

Nature and human beings have made there more than one variant what are the best known?

Hallucinogenic marijuana

If we talk about cannabis, we make it of a substance that has psychoactive properties.

Marijuana, in its various types, is part of psychodisleptics. It has the ability to alter psychic activity and perception of things.

Its consumption causes it to activate and increase the feeling of euphoria at first, to end up leaving a relaxing effect.

It also causes a feeling of hunger and reduces pain, having anti-seizure and analgesic effects.

Disorientation and impaired consciousness may occur in hallucinogenic marijuana. Going so far as to produce hallucinations in those who consume it.

types of marijuana

What is marijuana

Cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant. These have different types of marijuana varieties.

Depending on which part of the vegetable they come from or their form of extraction, the derivatives are named.

When we talk about marijuana, we do it if the leaves and stem of the plant are consumed. It is normally smoked, although it is also consumed orally or in the form of infusion and steam.

Most common types of marijuana

There is a wide variety of types of marijuana. This depends on the plant from which the leaves are extracted and the stem being consumed. There are also other factors that can alter varieties.

Some of them are the amount of light, its type of flowering or the time of year when it is obtained.

For example, we talk about purple marijuana because of substances that accumulate if sudden changes in temperature occur.

However,we are going to focus on the different types of marijuana that exist right now:

indica sativa

Cannabis Sativa

Two of the most common types of marijuana are Indica and Sativa.

In the case of sativa, it comes from tropical climate countries and is one of the most recognized.
The leaf that we all imagine when we talk about the plant is usually of these characteristics.

It is also one of the most consumed types and comes, generally, from South America and Asia. They are characterized by being high-rise plants and stand out for outdoor plantations.

Its effects are usually psychoactive due to the large amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

In addition, it generates a feeling of hunger and increases the desire to perform physical activity and relate. Causes a feeling of euphoria.

Its consumption can be related to the presence of hallucinations, even being able to cause the onset of psychotic episodes that can lead to disorders such as schizophrenia.

sativa or indica

Indica Cannabis

Sativa or Indica? Like the previous one, this can be found naturally in Asia, in countries such as India or Pakistan.

The difference between Sativa and Indica is that the latter has a smaller size, having much wider leaves.

If we talk about its effects, it has mild narcotic effects, being related to relaxation and its analgesic function.

It has a high CONTENT of CBD or cannabidiol and very low in THC.

It is usually medically indicated and treats the pain caused by certain diseases. It also stands out for its anti-seizure and relaxing effects.

difference indicates sativa

Cannabis Ruderalis

This third marijuana strain can be found naturally in countries such as Russia or Siberia.

This plant is considered a variety of Sativa, although it has the peculiarity of having an enormous resistance.

It also stands out because it is able to flower regardless of the level of light that exists. It is widely used when hybridization is possible to create other types as a result of it. Its size is smaller and has a low THC content and high in CBD.

That is, its effects are much more relaxing than activators,so it is not uncommon for it to be used in a common way in medicinal treatments.

marijuana strains

Hybrid types of marijuana

The above three types are found naturally. Despite this, humans have been creating other varieties to achieve other effects or achieve more resistance. This is done artificially in plantations and nurseries.

Depending on the hybrid, we’ll get one or the other effect. It also depends on the provenance of the variety that has been created.

This is the most heterogeneous category. Combinations make getting a wide variety of end products very simple.

Thanks to the hybrids, we get all kinds of kinds of marijuana plants to strengthen the possible effects they offer.

marijuana plant

Uses and effects of the marijuana plant

The uses of the marijuana plant can be very different from each other. If we use it recreationally, it can become harmful. This happens when consumption is very frequent and high.

It is often used to relax or feel good about yourself. We feel dependence on it if we consume it on a daily basis, but it is not uncommon to find abuse of its consumption and intoxication.

The effects of uncontrolled consumption of different types of marijuana, especially Sativa, can be delusions and hallucinations (in very extreme cases).

In addition, its effective consumption can cause us to have the opposite effect to the one we are looking for.

Another symptom is ammotivation syndrome. Here you give extreme passivity, decrease the ability to judge, increase apathy and demotivation. When used as a medicinal element, things change.

It can be a relief for a variety of disorders. It stimulates appetite, so it has been used to combat anorexia and other weight loss due to other diseases. It also relieves fibromyalgia symptoms and the pains of some treatments.

Thanks to its anti-seizure effects, it can be used as a regulator in various types of seizures.

It is also used in individual cases of people with Parkinson’s, reducing tremors and even eliminating them in a timely manner.

Now that you know all the types of marijuana that exist, you know: make a responsible use.

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