CBD Resin: What is it and where is it found?

We have talked about CBD oil, anti-inflammatory CBD creams, and other topical CBD products before. However, this time we want to focus on a new product that is revolutionizing the consumption of this cannabidiol. We refer to CBD resin.

It is important to note that technological advances have changed the way cannabis concentrate is produced and used. Thanks to these new technologies, it is now possible to capture the essence of the hemp flower at the time of harvest.

This new type of concentrate is known as live CBD resin. Its main characteristic has to do with the fact that it is a technologically more advanced hemp extract, with better flavour and potency.

However, what is it and where can you find CBD resin? How is legal cannabis resin used? Here is all the information about it.

What is CBD resin?

CBD resin is a wax that contains a wide range of terpenes, all cannabinoids, including CBD, as well as fatty acids. These components are derived from the entire hemp plant, not just the flower, as is the case with CBD oil. To reap its benefits, CBD resin is extracted from the cannabis hemp plant while it is still alive or just before harvest.

As far as the CBD resin extraction process is concerned, it can be done in several ways. However, the CO2 extraction method is the most widely used and effective. When buying a product containing CBD resin, the seller must indicate on the labels, which strain of hemp flower was used to produce the resin.

Thanks to the optimization of extraction technologies, it has been possible to extract concentrated CBD resin, with higher purity and potency.

cbd resin

What are the benefits of CBD resin?

Even if you are not a regular CBD user, you can experience the essence of CBD resin by being near a hemp plant in full bloom. When you see and smell hemp in bloom, you feel the need to immerse yourself in that sea of wonderful aromas.

It is now possible to capture and maintain the essence of this distinctive experience using live CBD resin. Most hemp extracts are made from dried and cured buds. Live CBD resin, on the other hand, captures the same flavour and taste profile that hemp offers when in full bloom.

It is feasible to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp flower without causing any harm by freezing the buds as soon as they are harvested from the plant. Light, heat and oxidation, deplete the terpenes and flavonoids that give cannabis its potent and distinctive aroma and flavour profile. This quality degradation process is completely avoided with CBD resin.

CBD resin has intrinsic advantages over other CBD extracts. However, to ensure that these benefits are reflected in the bottom line, it is vital to employ flawless approaches. It is partly about seeing, smelling and feeling the essence of this beautiful plant, and blooming when it has become the hemp flower.

One of the main benefits of CBD resin is that it allows you to enjoy and maintain the essence of CBD for an endless period of time. In addition, most of the extracts are made from dried and cured hemp buds. However, cannabidiol resin is made from a living flower. As a result, a more precise flavor and a more diversified flavor profile is extracted.

best cbd resin

What is the best CBD resin?

Other types of CBD extract pale in comparison to cannabidiol resin. However, to ensure that these benefits are realised to their full potential, it is vital to employ impeccable methods.

In other words, if you want to get the best CBD resin, it is necessary that the producer guarantees that the resin meets the highest quality standards. This is of utmost importance, as any mistakes made during the delicate process of freezing and extracting the hemp buds will negatively affect the quality of the resin.

Responsible companies ensure that the resin is sent to a third party laboratory for thorough, independent testing after extraction. All these rigorous testing procedures guarantee that the cannabidiol CBD resin is free of impurities. Also that it delivers the promised power.

But even with all the meticulous attention to detail, the effort would be in vain if the best organic hemp flowers were not used. It is therefore important that only organic and sustainable processes are used to develop the best CBD balm.

While it is somewhat common to use isolated CBD and other types of inferior hemp extracts, broad spectrum CBD resin must be 100% genuine. In addition, to be considered high quality, the resin must also offer a reliable taste of the hemp flower in full bloom.

cannabis resin

How is legal cannabis resin used?

There are several ways to use CBD resin, among the most popular are the following:


Vaping is one of the most popular methods of using cannabidiol CBD resin. You can use a dab pen, which is a hybrid device that combines the functions of a dab rig and a vape pen. CBD resin can be added to this device, and once it is in the tank, all you have to do is press a button to start vaping.

cbd resin benefits

Nectar collector

A nectar collector is a less expensive dabbing device that produces results comparable to those obtained with high-end dab devices. Nectar collectors look like screwdrivers, but the silicone handle covers most of the body. Only the metal tip is visible and a nectar collector is operated by heating the metal tip with a butane torch or other heat source.

Topping flower

You can use this resin even if you do not have any of the above devices. Cannabidiol resin can easily be placed on top of a bowl and enhanced in potency with the use of a regular bong.

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