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a habit your cbd oil online to remove barriers and overcome limits.>

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All Higea CBD oils are duly certified and 100% safe. Therefore, our customers can be sure that, by buying CBD oil, they are buying a product of unquestionable quality. Quality that is perceived in each of the phases of the production process. From planting and subsequent cultivation with organic certification to distribution to the final customer. Because Higea CBD takes care of every detail to achieve the best CBD. This is achieved, among other things, by ensuring the traceability of the crop and by extracting the essence of the plant with supercritical CO2 to obtain and preserve all its properties.



Aceite CBD 5%

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Higea CBD 5% is a natural product made with cannabidiol extract, obtained from cannabis. Each bottle contains 250 drops.

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Aceite CBD 10%

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Higea CBD 10% is a natural product made with cannabidiol extract, obtained from cannabis. Each bottle contains 250 drops.

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Aceite CBD 20%

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Higea CBD 20% is a natural product made with cannabidiol extract, obtained from cannabis. Each bottle contains 250 drops.

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Aceite CBD 30%


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Higea CBD 30% is a natural product made with cannabidiol extract, obtained from cannabis. Each bottle contains 250 drops.

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To guarantee a high level of CBD, at Higea CBD we collect the oil extract of one of the best varieties of legal marijuana or hemp. A variety with a high concentration of cannabidiol: the Sativa.

At Higea CBD we do not offer a chemical product but a natural product. In fact, the carrier oil used to dilute the CBD is MCT coconut oil. As a result we obtain an aromatic cannabidiol oil.

These oils are produced in a professional pharmaceutical laboratory with an FDA-compliant certificate. This guarantees the highest quality standards. Our cannabis oil is tested for levels of cannabinoids, micro-toxins, pesticides or heavy metals. It is also proven to contain less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of marijuana. This also has medicinal properties, which we use for our products. Our CBD oils go through hundreds of tests that guarantee their safety and quality.

CBD online

All our products are for topical use. More and more people are discovering the effects of CBD and its many benefits. If you want to join, you can get CBD online on our website.

With CBD oil we get only benefits and no side effects. When you buy CBD oil, you have to be clear that it is not aimed at curing any condition or disease but has other interesting effects. Believe us, the benefits of CBD will surprise you.

What is the dosage of CBD oil?

The dose of CBD depends largely on the needs and physiology of the person. We have produced a guide on how to take CBD oil for the guidance of any interested person. The dose of CBD is determined by the weight, height and condition to be treated. It is not a question of increasing the dose, but of regulating it until we find the exact amount. Because more CBD does not increase the effects.

buy cbd

What is the best CBD oil?

When it comes to choosing a quality product it is key to have specialists to advise us. In this case, to find the best CBD oil. If you are not clear about what it is and what it is for, you are in the right place to get out of it.

We cannot confuse the effects of CBD with those of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabidiol or CBD is among the dozens of cannabinoid compounds in the plant. Many scientific researches have put in value its properties. In addition, the WHO has classified CBD as a non-addictive and non-psychoactive compound.

Furthermore, the successive regulations that govern the process of buying CBD in Spain involve a series of evaluations and quality controls on the product. It is the way for consumers to be sure that all the protocols necessary for processing the compound have been followed.

By buying pure CBD we are buying a product without additives that may cause adverse effects. Among other things, without THC, a cannabis compound with psychotropic effects. In fact, in order to be able to speak of safe and legal products, they must contain at most 0.2% THC. It should be remembered that preparations based on this compound are illegal in most countries of the world.

We offer additional information about this topic towards the end of the article.

In order to obtain a CBD-based product, it is necessary for manufacturing companies to monitor all stages of the process. From the cultivation to the extraction and processing methods used. In our online shop you will find products with all the manufacturers’ guarantees. Always check the labelling for accurate information.

Of course, you can clarify with us any doubts that arise when consulting our catalog of CBD oil products. Each contains specific concentrations of this asset. Based on that, we will determine what dose is necessary depending on the desired effect.

Why buy CBD oil?

Many people have discovered the properties of hemp oil to improve their quality of life. In fact, the fact that more and more scientific studies prove its beneficial properties is a good sign of its importance. You can get an idea by reading the article published by the newspaper El Pa├şs in February 2019 under the title CBD: What is it about cannabis oil that is causing such a stir in the US? Stories demonstrating how CBD oil treatment has helped many people to relieve pain, reduce nausea or reverse inflammation caused by certain diseases. The reason? The influence of this compound on the endocannabinoid system of the human brain.

As you can see, hemp seeds, the CBD in Spain stand out for their effectiveness and safety.

Who buys CBD oil?

Today, there is a clear and growing interest by many people in organic products that offer short-term benefits. In this context, buying hemp oil becomes an ideal alternative. To treat stress problems, sleep disorders or to improve mood. In all these cases, CBD is an interesting therapeutic alternative. Among other things, because it lacks psychoactive effects. This makes people with very diverse profiles and who are looking to feel better, turn to CBD as a 100% organic, safe and fast option. Profiles like:

cbd athletes


Sport sometimes causes stiffness, joint pain or slight muscle inflammation.

In these cases, CBD oil produces a response that stimulates tissue deflation and reduces pain. Something proven in a study published by the National Institute of Health.

buy pure cbd


Among the benefits of CBD is that of increasing alertness and concentration.

If you spend hours in front of the computer or work in front of the public, the CBD can help you improve your performance

cbd sleep disorder

People with sleep disorders

According to a study published in 2011 in the journal Mental Health, if you suffer from sleep disorders, CBD oil can promote rest and improve mood.

buy cbd spain

People with chronic and neurodegenerative diseases

According to the study published by Andrea Tarozzi at the University of Bologna, Italy, the CCBD stands out for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuroregenerative action.

Ultimately, people turn to CBD for different reasons. In addition, the fact that it is marketed in several formats makes it more accessible. What should not be forgotten is that it must be used according to the needs of each person. For proper use of the product, a health care provider who specializes in CBD therapy should be consulted.

neuroprotective cbd

Neuroprotective effect

According to the paper published in the journal Surgical Neurology International, CBD has a neuroprotective effect on receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Something that can help patients with neurodegenerative diseases with inflammatory responses.

cbd nausea

Anti-emetic effect

Nausea or vomiting can be a symptom of disease or a response to treatments such as chemotherapy. According to a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, CBD oil can be very beneficial in reducing these symptoms.

cbd analgesic

Analgesic effect

According to the study published in the journal GW Pharmaceuticals,neuropathic pain has obtained a satisfactory response with the use of CBD.



How can CBD help me?

which is the best cbd oil

What CBD Oil To Buy?

CBD, as an organic-based product, can be an alternative treatment at various times in life. For example, to alleviate the symptoms of long illnesses, chronic pain of varying intensity or the adverse effects of certain medications.

In our online shop we have different products with CBD. In any case, its quality is guaranteed.

So, if you think,why can CBD help me? We tell you that, among its beneficial effects, is the treatment of pain of different intensity.

Have you suffered pain for a long time without finding effective treatment?

The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of hemp oil are sufficiently proven by various scientific studies. Among them, the article published in the magazine GW Pharmaceuticals that we talked about above.

In order to know which concentration and dosage are the right ones, we have to pay attention to the person’s characteristics: metabolism, weight and state of health.

Do you think any of our products can help you? If the answer is yes, if you want to improve your quality of life, now is the time.

buy spanish cbd oil
buy cbd oil

Where can you buy CBD oil?

oil in spain is perfectly legal.> In fact, considering that the beneficial properties of CBD are well demonstrated, there is a wide range of therapeutic options on the market based on medicinal cannabis oil.

In our online store, the purchase process is simple and fast. You will always find updated didactic information about the properties and benefits of the CBD.

We offer you the best hemp oil at the best price. A certified product that meets the highest quality standards. If you were looking for where to buy medicinal cannabis oil,you have come to the ideal place.



How much does cannabis oil cost?

If you want to buy CBD oil in the best conditions, you are in the right place. We offer the best value for money for a product that stands out for its purity and effectiveness.

In addition, periodically you will find offers and discounts to purchase our products. In any case, they are products with the required labelling and with the guarantee that their production has been properly supervised in each of its phases.

Because, when it comes to your health, it is essential to go to solvent shops that offer all the guarantees of quality. Relying on a reliable and reputable CBD provider like us.

Higea CBD meets all quality standards


Trusted CBD

cbd oil buy

Why buy trusted CBD?

On our website you will find all the information about cannabis and its medicinal properties. For safe use, it is important to know both the benefits and the adverse effects of some cannabis compounds.

We always insist that the CBD does not place. It is not a psychoactive substance, as has been proven by various scientific studies and international health bodies. What does cause adverse effects is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which has been known for decades. Although it is also present in some therapeutic solutions, its use is not legal if the concentration is greater than 0.2%. The exception is certain medications, the use of which must always be supervised by a doctor.

We recommend you to buy CBD from suppliers with serious policies as in our shop.

where to buy medical cannabis oil

Do you have any side effects?

The WHO accepts the therapeutic use of cannabidiol (CBD) in some countries. In the case of the USA, also the FDA, the federal agency of the Food and Drug Administration.

Not for nothing have cannabinoid substances proved effective in treating various conditions. In fact, its benefits have improved the quality of life of many people.

In short, we advise you to:

buy cbd

Shop at a trusted store

cane oil buy

See opinions and testimonials

Hemp oil price

Check the product description

cbd spain

Inquiring about the manufacturing process

how much cannabi oil costs

Assessing the quality of packaging and labelling

Your health is the most important thing

We offer you the possibility of improving your quality of life by incorporating just a few drops of CBD oil into your daily life. A product of maximum quality and with all the guarantees.

Enjoying the benefits of hemp oil could not be easier. After receiving advice from a specialist, place your order on our website and we will make sure it arrives at your door before you know it.

cbd oil buy


Hardisson, A., Exp├│sito, C., Rubio, C., Pozuelo, MR (2002). New therapeutic perspectives of cannabinolic compounds. Journal of Toxicology, 19(2),89-92. [fecha de Consulta 16 de Julio de 2020] . ISSN: 0212-7113.

Serum-Garc├şa, Carlos, Mart├şn-Banderas, Lucia, Holgado, Ma Angeles. (2015). Neuroprotective effect of cannabinoids in neurodegenerative diseases. Ars Pharmaceutica (Internet), 56(2), 77-87.

Tost, S. (2019). CBD: What’s causing the furore cannabis oil in the U.S.? Retrieved 16 July 2020

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