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Natural remedies to treat ADHD in children

The little ones need less invasive therapies

Did you know that there are natural remedies to treat ADHD? In this post, we will tell you the best alternatives. How do youfight CBD oil in autistic people?

However, before we get to this point, let’s start from the beginning.

What is ADHD?

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a neurological pathology that affects the behavior of the sufferer.

It is characterized by obvious restlessness, anxiety and lack of concentration in everyday activities.

It is often more noticeable by other bodily signals that will be treated in greater depth in the following sections.

natural remedies to treat ADHD in children

The chemistry behind ADHD

ADHD creates a dopamine and norepinephrine deficiency in the brain that affects proper and necessary communication between brain areas.

It also generates high levels of cortisol, causing insomnia problems and low cognitive abilities.

Correct chemical interaction between the basal ganglia and prefrontal area is necessary for memorization, attention and alertness.

Such interaction when ADHD exists is deficient. In short, talking about the chemical factor in these disorders is of paramount relevance.

Consequences of Dopamine Deficiency in Children With ADHD

The chemical imbalance by the low amount of dopamine in ADHD affects:

Motor skills

It’s common to see kids with ADHD have slow, uncoordinated movements on their hands and legs. Low motor skills are noticeable when walking or performing manual tasks.


The mood of kids with ADHD is very changing. Likewise, pleasant situations cannot perceive them and, therefore, happiness is an emotional state that they do not know.

In both cases, natural remedies to treat ADHD in children have given good results as a stimulant in dopamine production at more acceptable levels although, later, this topic will be touched on in detail.

tdah cbd

The extensive social manifestations of this pathology

Attitudes arising from the disorder are usually chronic and cause school performance problems in the child, as well as the inability to establish stable relationships with their environment.

On the other hand, one of the side effects experienced are the affected emotions of parents and children.

People around the child with ADHD don’t understand the pathology and assume behavior as a rudeness or parenting failure.

cbd kids

Natural remedies to treat ADHD in children

There is no cure for this condition, but you can learn to live with your symptoms. As an interesting fact, the WHO in 2019 advised against the use of some common drugs to treat this disorder.

The reason lies in the ignorance of its benefits in the treatment of ADHD.

Other specialists have recommended therapies for children based on the practice of some sport.

However, there is a long way to go in this field, because if these exercises are not controlled or are of very high intensity, symptoms can get worse.

cbd natural remedy

Why choose CBD as a natural remedy?

CBD is an extract from the non-psychoactive cannabis plant. It is also called Cannabidiol.

Consumption of this extract as a treatment has been proven to be highly therapeutic efficacy in ADHD disorder.

In fact, it is the option that many have chosen in place of the low response of traditional medication.

It is also important to analyze anecdotal logging. Numerous experiences around the world demonstrate that using cannabinoids has significantly stabilized hyperactivity levels.

Being able to sleep better has been another of the trophies achieved, in addition to the notable improvement in mental concentration that was previously deficient or almost non-existent.

No side effects

For years it has been stigmatized to everything related to cannabinoids due to its recreational and excessive use.

However, in the case of CBD is far from the above, even when used as a natural treatment for ADHD in adults.

The concentration of CBD, is made in approved laboratories and under rigorous standards.

In no way do these act as narcotics or have addictive effects on the human body. They also do not affect organs of the body or respond with skin alterations.

One of its main features is that it can be consumed at any time of the day without the dangers associated with an overdose.

cbd dose children

The different CBD presentations

CBD can be consumed in oil, capsules and ointment. There is also the presentation in suppositories, very appropriate when there are problems related to stomach flora.

Of all the presentations, the most common is in oil. It is served as a dietary supplement in meals and drinks.

A noteworthy detail is that this oil not only regulates chemical processes but, in turn, purifies the whole organism.

What amounts of CBD are necessary?

Every child is different and the dosage will go in relation to that concept. Height, weight and typology of disorder also affect the amounts prescribed.

This means that the conventional medical protocol is also preserved in these cases.

Minor doses are administered at first and an observation process is started. This dosage will increase according to the results obtained.

The danger of self-medication

Administration of cannabinoid products at their own discretion or home cultures is not recommended.

This is because only specialized personnel can know the most appropriate proportions for treatment in each case.

On the other hand, caution should be taken into account as paediatric cases.


What if no treatment is used?

These types of conditions are rarely stationary. Rather, they advance to cause higher-grade mental disorders and harmfulness. That’s why early-stage treatment is important.

Of course, the discovery of CBD with therapeutic uses in ADHD is recent.

So age doesn’t limit the consumption of these extracts, and so there is natural treatment for ADHD in adults.

natural treatment for ADHD in adults

The quality of life of children with ADHD

Unlike other conventional drugs, the life expectancy of CBD oil points to a prolonged stay in the world.

The truth is that more countries have amended their laws so that CBD has legal acceptance.

They recognize that, far from causing harm, they rather elevate the quality of life of their noble consumers.

The joy of parents is based on seeing their children enjoy a full and happy life, and CBD products manage to crystallize that reality.

So even if the pathology does not subside, the effects of this incredible oil are noticeable and rewarding.

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