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How to make CBD oil

Here’s how to make CBD oil

Currently you will find not only the oil made by professionals, but also how to make CBD oil on your own. One thing you need to keep in mind is that it won’t have the same components as expert CBD oil, but it will have the benefits you’re looking for and you’ll know how CBD oil is taken.

To make CBD oil it is essential to know what its advantages are before starting both to make it and to consume it.

What are the advantages of CBD oil?

Below, we will tell you the advantages of making CBD oil on your own and what are the advantages of its consumption.

When knowing how to make hemp oil or CBD, you should take into account a number of essential ingredients such as:

  • Olive oil or coconut.
  • Bud.

In addition to its benefits, you will find that its main advantage when making CBD oil is that the cost will not be as high as buying it in a pharmacy or store and, another advantage, is due to the benefits that the oil gives you.

For years, CBD oil has been considered one of the most therapeutic for humans. This includes its anti-inflammatory components, antioxidants, analgesics and more.

For these reasons, it is used both to relieve pain and for the prevention of diseases.

It is important to know that CBD has no recognized side effects.

Despite being 100% natural, such as any type of medicine or therapeutic treatment, it is recommended to have constant and adequate monitoring for its use.

how to make cbd oil

How to make CBD oil step by step

To make CBD oil you must follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the oil to use, to make its production we recommend olive oil, since it is the most used and the one that we always have at hand in our houses. In case coconut oil is cheaper for you, use it without problems.
  2. Then get buds, leaves and stems from the cannabis plant if you want to know how to make CBD oil. Once ready, sling or mole them in a grinder.
  3. Place the crushed mixture in a container and then place the olive oil or coconut until the mixture is covered. Keep in mind that the oil should cap and exceed the mixture.
  4. Once ready, cover the container and store in a dark place for 25/30 days. After that time, you’ll notice that the oil is thicker and a much darker color. Drain all liquid in a clean container and separate from the mixture.
  5. Finally, place the oil in a dropper to make it more practical and easy to consume, at the same time it will allow you to keep track of your daily consumption.

Are there other methods on how to make CBD oil?

There are different ways to make CBD oil, the method mentioned above is one of the simplest to perform. We’re sure you’d wonder what difference exists between others and what the next method is.

The first difference you will find are the components and their elaboration, while in the previous method we use olive oil or coconut, in the next we will use 100% natural alcohol.

If we mean the difference in benefits, the only thing that will change is its purity, this is because alcohol causes in the leaves of cannabis that extract its components with a higher concentration.

Now let’s look at the following method called “ethanol method.” To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • In a glass container, place the bud (marijuana plant) and then put the pure alcohol until completely submerged. Once ready, stir for 6 minutes and then remove all the bud.
  • For a cleaner extraction, pass through a strainer until no more liquid comes out.
  • In a saucepan, place the liquid and bring to heat. This was that the alcohol evaporates completely because of the heat, so let it boil over a simmer. After 30 minutes, turn off the heat and let cool.
  • Finally, place in a jar or dropper.

As you can see, the procedure takes a few more steps but the extracted oil is almost 99% purer than the previous method.

how to make cane oil

How to make hemp oil

We should keep in mind that CBD oil is different from hemp oil.

We know that both come from the same cannabis plant genus, but unlike CBD oil (which is extracted from leaves, stems and shoots) hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant (cannabis genus).

Like CBD oil, hemp oil is consumable, but we recommend you not to, as it is prepared to use as lotion, soaps, etc.

As always, we recommend that when consuming one of the two oils, you contact your doctor or institute dedicated to cannabis, especially if you are a person with hypertension or thyroid and want to learn about how to make hemp oil.

how to make cbd oil

Are there any side effects?

When it comes to learning how to make CBD oil, you need to know if it contains side effects.

As mentioned above, even though it is a natural oil, abusing its consumption produces side effects that are not the cause of serious problems, but very annoying such as diarrhea, irritability or drowsiness, among others.

However, these problems can get worse if you are a person with hypertension or thyroid as we have also mentioned above.

This is because CBD oil causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, causing symptoms of hypertension or thyroid to increase dramatically, leading to an emergency hospitalization.

Many doctors do not advise its consumption in both cases, but at the same time, it is better to consult with a specialist, since in spite of everything, it is a beneficial component for the body.

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